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The power of influencer marketing

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is."
— Scott Cook

Brand Awareness

Take advantage of the fastest growing and most cost-effective distribution channels.


Target both broad and niche consumer groups through multiple channels.


Influencers create unique content to engage communities.


Measure performance and engagement at the post level.

Our Service


Our specially trained team of campaign managers will help you through every step of the campaign process. We pride ourselves in providing top quality service that is both comprehensive and friendly.

Having run hundreds of influencer campaigns, we have developed industry-leading processes that will ensure that your campaigns will run smoothly and effortlessly.

1. Sourcing & Matching

Select your favorite influencers from our custom suggestions.

2. Order Confirmation

Adjust your selection and confirm the campaign budget.

3. Campaign Preparation

We arrange a kick-off call to discuss the campaign details,
then we will prepare and send influencer briefings.

4. Campaign Goes Live!

We will coordinate the entire campaign, including communicating
with influencers, controlling posts, and handling payments.

5. Reporting

After the campaign, we will provide a detailed analytics report.

Kingfluencers Platform


Our new digital platform makes influencer campaigns even easier, as you can create and run your own campaigns. Search and filter through our database of influencers, view detailed influencer analytics, create custom campaigns, and much more.

To register and learn about the other features of our platform, please contact us.

“The distribution coverage is tremendous. Be it macro or micro influencers, photographers, bloggers, lifestyle or sport, for any theme there is a matching campaign. Kingfluencers has the expert know-how and network which we never could have built up (except with a huge expenditure of time and money). That has helped us a lot.”

Social Media Manager, Schweiz Tourismus

Fabian Reichle

“Working with Kingfluencers is always very pleasant. We appreciate the transparency and the very fast response to inquiries.”





— Head of Marketing, RailAway AG

Nina Jordi

“The Kingfluencers team is service-oriented, has drive and is reliable because of their experience.”





— Head of Marketing, Credit Suisse

Tarkan Özküp