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Kingfluencers presents a world premiere

Influencer TV Spot

Influencer Marketing Just Became Truly Omni-Channel

With “Influencer TV Spot” as a new exclusive advertising format, Kingfluencers and Admeira give all brands the opportunity to broadcast their influencer marketing content as a TV commercial. Merge the power of TV with the trustworthiness and unmatched appeal of influencer marketing to gain unbeatable reach at an accessible cost.

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The Power of Video, TV & Influencer Marketing Combined

Partnering with influencers is a powerful tool for brands to create engaging and authentic video content, build trust and connect to consumers in order to fuel growth. Meanwhile, television in general remains the video channel with the widest national reach. Kingfluencers combines all this into one effective and efficient advertising format with our new unique service.

TV Advertising in Numbers

Increase in TV viewership among Swiss people aged 15-29 since 2020
108 min.
Average daily viewing time for Swiss people aged 15-29, for older age groups even higher
Admeira’s market share in prime time
Of the Swiss population watches television every day (excl. streaming services)

Flexibility Meets Efficacy  

Working with Kingfluencers, influencer content can be broadcasted just like a TV commercial, lasting for up to three times 15 seconds in the style of a social media story, such as a TikTok or Instagram Reels. Repurpose your existing influencer marketing content for a second lifecycle on television. Promote your stories in new ways to increase campaign reach and maximize ROI.

Reach your target audience by choosing your advertising slots based on:

✨ Channels such as SRF 1, SRF zwei, SWISS1, TF1 or RTS 1

✨ Programming options

✨ Audience demographics

✨ More parameters

One Screen,
Many Creative Possibilities

When running influencer TV spots, you have the option to place additional ad content on the sides of your spot to fill the TV frame in order to maximize the impact of the clip.

Elevate the reach of your existing content now on TV at an affordable price

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Our Unique Mix Of Advantages

Gain the unbeatable reach of TV advertising at accessible cost by fusing this medium’s power with the trustworthiness and unmatched appeal of influencer video content for effective and impactful campaigns.

Broad, diverse Reach
60% of the Swiss population can be reached through Admeira’s TV channels
Low Production Costs  
Leverage content you’ve already created with various influencers
Detailed Reporting & Tracking
Reports on the effects and successes of your ads are included
Agile, with quick turnaround times from production to airing
Generate Direct Engagement  
Embed trackable CTAs like QR Codes with scan-to-shop features, discount offers, & integrated contests
Unlimited Creative Opportunities  
Place fresh, new ad content on the sides of your spot to fill the TV frame
1 of 4 Benefits
TV Advertising at an Accessible Price
TV advertising has traditionally been inaccessible to smaller organizations. But with Influencer TV Spot, you can leverage content you’ve already created, or plan to create as part of your influencer marketing campaigns, with various influencers to amplify outcomes without the expense of additional video production.
2 of 4 Benefits
Stay Ahead of the Competition
With the new Influencer TV Spot Service, Kingfluencers helps you stay ahead of the competition. Through our partnership with Admeira, we are the only influencer marketing agency to offer this unique cross-media synergy between social media and TV in Switzerland.
3 of 4 Benefits
Optimize ROI with Comprehensive Reporting
Influencer TV Spots include detailed reports on the effects and successes of your ads. These insights enable testing and data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and improve ROI.
4 of 4 Benefits
Power of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing brings brands into people’s inner circle. With this innovative service, you now have another way to give your influencer content an even bigger stage. Repurpose your existing content, and Kingfluencers can also make ideal matches from our network of over 3,000 talented content creators.

Influencer TV Spots Drive Reach


Boost the reach of your existing content as a TV commercial and benefit from our exclusive service
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