Find the answer to the most frequent questions here.

1. General

What is Kingfluencers?
We are the leading social influence marketing agency in Switzerland with a proprietary campaign management platform that provides full control with the innovative AI forecasting tool. Our unique holistic approach combines social media services, influencer marketing and performance marketing, meticulously stitched together by brilliant brand strategists, inspiring creators, exceptional ideas and engaging, authentic content across digital platforms and channels. Having completed hundreds of campaigns, we have the expertise to ensure a high level of service, from the initial strategy consultations to campaign implementation to final reporting.

2. Agencies & Brands

What benefits can Kingfluencers bring to my company?
Our highly motivated team advises brands and influencers from Switzerland and abroad. The team consists of advertisers, strategists, creatives, project leaders, designers, developers and social media experts.

Do I need to be from a particular industry to work with you?
We are happy to work with any brand, although we do not accept campaigns that promote liquor, weapons, pornography, racism, or products that are discriminatory or illegal.

Do you work with agencies and brands?
We work directly with brands, as well as with marketing agencies, media agencies, and digital agencies, etc.

Do you work across all social media platforms?
We operate mainly on TikTok and Instagram, although many of our influencers are also active on YouTube or have popular blogs.

What types of campaigns have you managed so far?
We have completed a wide variety of influencer campaigns for fashion, travel, food & drinks, insurance, cars, finance, and more.

Do you only work with Swiss influencers and clients?
While many of our campaigns are Swiss-based, we also work with companies and influencers from abroad.

Who are your influencers?
We mainly work with Swiss influencers in a number of professions: bloggers, models, musicians, sports professionals, artists, YouTube stars, presenters, actors, etc.

What is the price per influencer post?
The exact amount depends on several factors and can vary from campaign to campaign. The price usually falls between CHF 200 and CHF 10’000, depending on the influencer, and the type of post or event.

Do you require a minimum investment in influencer campaigns?
Yes, to ensure a successful campaign we require a minimum budget of CHF 10’000. This covers influencer and campaign management costs.

What is the average duration of a campaign?
While the average campaign typically runs for 4-6 weeks, this can vary based on the size and complexity of the campaign.

What is the average lead time to prepare a campaign?
We usually require 2-4 weeks before a campaign starts. This includes strategy consultations and influencer briefing.

Can you track the influencer’s campaign performance? Do you offer reporting?
Yes, we do offer reporting once a campaign is complete. This report will include analytics for each influencer and will include links to every post. Interim reports are available on request.

3. Influencers

How can I apply as an influencer?
Please fill out the form here and we will be in touch shortly.

Do I have to sign a contract if I want to work with you?
For each campaign, you will need to sign the Campaign Briefing, which is an abbreviated contract between you, the customer, and Kingfluencers. This only applies for that particular campaign.

Am I allowed to work with other influencer agencies or brands while I am working with Kingfluencers?
Working with us is non-exclusive. However, while you are working on a campaign, it is prohibited to work for a competing brand or product while the campaign is still running.

Why do I have to give access to my accounts?
In order to evaluate your posts for a campaign we need authorization to collect analytics from your connected accounts. This also includes basic profile information and your followers’ demographic data. We will never post on your behalf, sell, or misuse your data or access tokens in any way.

How many followers do I need in order to be interesting for customers?
There is no specific number, as the needs of each campaign will vary. A large following base can be important in some cases, while in others we are looking for something specific (engagement, niche markets, etc.). Generally, collaboration is possible with a few thousand followers.

What kind of brands do you work with?
We work with a wide range of brands and industries, including fashion, sports, cars, entertainment, insurance, food & beverages, and many more.

Why do I need to use #ad or #sponsored on my posts?
Using #ad or #sponsored ensures transparency to the community, and in some countries is legally required.

How do I use the Facebook Branded Content Tool?
There is a manual from Facebook on how to use the Branded Content Tool.

How do I use the Instagram Branded Content Tool?
There is a manual from Instagram on how to use the Branded Content Tool. Please be aware that you can only use the Branded Content Tool if you have a verified Instagram account with the blue check mark.

How can I request access to the Facebook Branded Content Tool?
If you have a Facebook page and don’t have access to the Branded Content Tool yet, please visit this page and select the Facebook page for which you like to have access.

Do I have to send you a preview of my post before publishing it?
The process can vary from campaign to campaign. If a preview is required, it will be noted in the briefing.

When will I be paid?
Posts made before the 20th of each month will be paid the last day of the month. If you post after the 20th, you will receive your payment by the end of the following month.

How will I be paid?
Payment will be made in the form of a direct deposit to the account provided to us.

Why haven’t I received any campaign requests yet?
If you haven’t received any requests from us, this probably means that we haven’t found a matching campaign for you yet. This does not imply that we will not consider you for future campaigns.

How can I increase the probability of receiving campaign requests?
In order to recommend you for campaigns, it helps to know you as well as possible. In addition to the information you provide when you register, additional data such as a media kit, statistics about your followers, and information about your special interests or hobbies can be helpful.

If you have any other questions, please contact us – we’ll be happy to help!