Influence Media Network

Influence Media Network

Extend your influencer campaign thanks to a new content network

Together with Goldbach, we form a groundbreaking one-stop solution for agencies and brands: an integrated Influence Media Network with social media, influencer marketing, media and events from a single source.

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Influence Media Network:
Our 360° content activation packages

Influence Media Network

Our packages are individually tailored to your brand for any industry – from B2C to B2B – we cover it all.

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Your benefits – our promise

With this exclusive partnership, we not only use concentrated synergies to optimally address your target groups but also give you and your brand the ultimate added value:

Guaranteed contacts – 70% of them in the core target group according to the briefing
Entertaining and relevant content from professional creators
Emotional positioning of brands through strong storytelling
Guaranteed achievement of desired KPIs and measurable successes
Strategic interaction of social media, influencer marketing and digital media from a single source
Dwell time of over one minute
Approx. 15,000 visits per story
Sector Case Study Telco, Electronics, Apps & Gaming
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