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When you’re trying to find an influencer, keep the following in mind:

They need to be trustworthy. Some influencers are only out for themselves and don’t care if you make money on your investment in them. You need to filter out the bad apples.

Their audience needs to fit your brand. Without deep insight into the influencer industry and its audiences, it’s hard to know whether you’ve found the right fit for your brand.

They need the right skills to get you results. Can they make the type of content that resonates and drives their followers to become your customers? Make sure each influencer can deliver what you need.

Finding the right fit in today’s vast market of influencers is a challenge – especially if your brand is just diving into the world of influencer marketing.

Why not outsource the process to someone with unmatched experience running successful influencer campaigns?

For over six years we’ve been connecting brands like yours with the best influencers:

Use our six years of experience finding the best influencers for brands like yours

Tap into our private, 3000+ strong network of vetted influencers. You’ll find yourself matched with someone who fits your campaigns like a glove. And we’ll only refer you trustworthy influencers with a spotless track record. Use our guarantee rather than take a risk and wing it.

Avoid the headache. Hand off all back-and-forth communication, negotiation and campaign-tracking. Just watch your campaign roll out – no micromanaging required. Get important updates from our all-inclusive reports. Save your time spent finding and talking to influencers to focus on your higher-level business activities.

Get the best rates. Avoid getting ripped off by influencers charging above what they can deliver you in results. As pioneers of influencer marketing since 2016, we know the market inside-out. When working with us, you’ll invest only a realistic, sensible amount. And our campaigns’ high conversion rates will generate you more profit than if you DIY the process.

Contact us now to find the best influencers for your successful campaign:

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