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Kingfluencers is a fast-growing Swiss company specialising in influencer marketing services. Our mission is to enable anyone to create and run influencer marketing campaigns with minimal overhead. We are industry leaders, with a focus on using technology to transform marketing. Our in-house technology team builds custom tools to help anyone run campaigns through our platform. We work directly with independent companies, as well as build powerful relationships with marketing agencies across Europe. With our vast pool of powerful influencers we help to create authentic interaction between communities and brands every day.

The Kingfluencers platform scales with any size campaign. Our projects range from one-day popup events for local businesses to multi-month campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands. We believe that the future of marketing is in the strategic mix of traditional strategies combined with the flexibility and global reach of social media.

Meet the team

Anja Lapčević
Co-CEO &
Chief Influence Officer

Yoeri Callebaut
Co-CEO &
Chief Growth & Marketing Officer

Fabian Plüss
Co-Founder & Key Account Manager

Laura Parker
Key Account Manager

Noemi Muntwyler
Head of Campaigning

Roman Gertsch
Co-Founder & Board Member

Christian Reiter
Co-Founder & Board Member

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