At Kingfluencers It’s All About Realness

We bring your brand closer to people in general and especially to your communities. Together with our creators, we unlock emotions and connections with real stories and creative storytelling across digital platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and many more.

Our holistic and integrated approach to content creation, social media and influencer marketing generates meaningful connections between Swiss communities and brands.

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Beyond Storytelling Lies the Power of Social Influence

Many brands have difficulties in connecting to consumers, especially in an ever more saturated digital environment. And just like in any relationship trust comes from really knowing the brand(s) you engage with as a consumer.

Together with our network of 3,000+ content creators and influencers we give your brand a face people trust and relate to. We convey your brand’s message in a powerful, brand-invigorating and above all human-centric way, generating real positive impact.


In 2016 we embarked on a journey to professionalize the influencer marketing sector in Switzerland. Since then we have become the leading Swiss influencer marketing agency, working with top brands across all sectors. But we didn’t stop there. Kingfluencers has evolved into a full-service digital storytelling agency with a focus on social media, influencer marketing and performance marketing.

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Influencer Marketing Service
Since 2016 we have been professionalizing and pioneering the Swiss influencer marketing sector and we remain the leading Swiss influencer marketing agency.
Influencer Marketing Agency
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B2B Influencer Marketing Service
B2B influencers can contribute their expertise to help drive brand awareness and support business development by building trust, credibility, and interest around your brand.
B2B Influencer Marketing
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Influencer TV Spot Service
Our Influencer TV Spot service is an exclusive collaboration between Admeira and Kingfluencers that gives all brands the opportunity to broadcast their influencer marketing content as a TV commercial. Merge the power of TV with the trustworthiness and unmatched appeal of influencer marketing to gain unbeatable reach with exceptional ROI.
Influencer TV Spot
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Social Media Management Service
At the core of everything we do lies a deep understanding and smart use of leading social media platforms, connecting you to your target audiences.
User generated Content
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TikTok Service
Developing and implementing a successful TikTok strategy will generate multiple tangible benefits, today and in the future. Even if Gen Z and young millennials are not your current customers, they are certainly your customers of tomorrow. TikTok allows you to get a head start in the constant race for market leadership.
TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

Kingfluencers in Numbers

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KF – Where Curiosity & Creativity, Trust, future oriented Technology and Performance Meet

We are a multiskilled diverse team of experts, strategists and creative minds, passionate about social media and (influencer) marketing.

Creativity and quality are our drivers, going the extra mile to perform is our constant state of mind… because we love doing what we do!

Social Media Based Influence Pioneers
We are led by experienced marketeers, social media specialists and influencer marketing pioneers.
Holistic Approach
We connect the dots across different marketing disciplines, channels, formats and platforms.
Creative Storytellers
We amaze our clients with out of the box thinking and wow consumers with refreshing content.
Strong Community
We work closely with 3000 meticulously vetted content creators, influencers and community voices.
Quality Assurance
We follow best-in-class quality control processes and procedures to assure great outcomes.
Our proprietary campaign management platform with innovative AI forecasting tool provides full control.

Built on Expertise, Powered by AI.

Our proprietary Kingfluencers campaign management platform was built to bring you the best of multiple worlds; uniquely creative, out of the box campaigns, executed rigorously and efficiently with the help of front-runner technology and rock-solid processes, delivering campaigns that make a difference.

Extensive Influencer management
Full campaign management
AI powered forecasting module
Campaign KPI tracking
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