Here It Is: The First Official Social Media Zodiac — A Story of Community and Mindset

As there are numerous social media platforms, one can notice that each platform attracts certain groups of people, for example TikTok is more popular amongst Gen-Zers, whereas Facebook is more popular with boomers and millennials. But which platform you love and use most – or not – does not have to do only with when you were born. We see more and more mothers on TikTok for example while IG remains popular with most age groups. It has much more to do with preferred communication styles, social preferences, lifestyle and overall mindset than anything else. So next time you want to figure out whether to ask that cute guy or girl from the gym on a date, don’t ask for their zodiac sign to check if you’re compatible, ask for their social media preferences instead. Because the platforms they actively use, the content they publish and who or what they follow says a whole lot more than you might think! And who knows, if you’re part of the same social media clan perhaps it’s a perfect match. So what does your social media activity say about you? Here’s a fun take on it.


The most downloaded app since the pandemic in 2020 has attracted numerous personalities around the globe. Also in the year 2021, the downloading figures have once again skyrocket! Here, we will focus on Gen-Z and millennial creators and users of the short-video platform. 

Your Personality

  • You are Gen-Z (or you’d like to be one… Looking at you, millenials in your skinny jeans)
  • If you are a millennial or older, you did not want to join TikTok first but then you got bored during the pandemic and decided to download it for fun. Now, you are the annoying friend who shares funny TikTok videos with your friends everyday.
  • You are a social justice warrior. If you are not “woke” or inclusive yet, you will get attacked by social justice warriors.
  • You see yourself leaving more comments on TikTok than on FB or IG. 
  • You have tried at least one popular dance before, just to see if you can do it.
  • Your main hobby is sheeeeeshing.
  • You have LED strip lights installed in your room. 
Social Media Zodiac. Your Personality in TikTok
  • Average screen time per day: 11 hours 43 minutes
  • There is at least one person in your life with whom you don’t communicate with via phone call or text: You only send each other funny Tik Toks.
  • Your feed consists of content regarding social justice, dancing girls/guys and cute pets.
  • Text and image is dead to you, you speak in videoish and emojis
  • You expect brands to not be boring – otherwise you will either unfollow them or not even press on the plus sign at all. Brands have to be their own influencers and have their own fans on TikTok – basically show their personality.

Your Future

Your dance moves and lipsync skills are already pure show but will continue to get better as you keep fighting the good cause and challenging others to build a better world. You will have friends from all walks of life, and what a fun life it will be, filled with music and walking side by side with your global TikTok community. The blast will never end because one day you will be transformed into a digital avatar of yourself and live on forever in the TikTok universe.


Also called the vanity platform, Instagram, seems to be rather popular amongst millennials. Not so much Gen-Zers. Furthermore, posts on Instagram don’t just include “food porn”, holiday pictures and thirst traps anymore: Creators have become more connected with their audiences by providing more information, emotion and story-telling in the picture and video sharing platform.

Your Personality

  • You might have a few narcissistic tendencies 😛 
  • Social status and image matters, a lot. After all, what are we without it?! Right?
  • You thank the universe for the story filters as they are much more “realistic” than the Snapchat filters.
  • Your life is all about aesthetics. You even have icons for your story highlights.
  • If you’re a woman: Your explore page consists of weird makeup hacks, body positivity posts, fashion inspos and cute dogs. Also, your message requests are full of guys who talk to themselves. You know what we mean, girls!
social media zodiac
  • And if you’re a gym rat, every selfie is an opportunity to show that sexy body – and yes shirtless is always a plus, even in the elevator of your apartment complex…
  • You post at least one story every day. If it’s not a selfie, it’s a funny meme or subliminal screenshot of a tweet.
  • Under at least half of your feed posts is a song lyric or inspirational quote. You’re so emo.
  • Ashley, don’t go live on Instagram. Nobody cares about your skincare or makeup routine. And we are definitely not getting ready with you. At 5:30 AM. 
  • Besides friends you also follow the sexy fitness instructor because … you like the “diet tips”. Ahem.
  • You don’t use Tinder or Bumble anymore. Instagram DM’s is where the magic happens. Or not. And if your DM’s are not being answered, the comment section is open for emoji-talk!
  • You’re in constant competition for the price of the most amazing life, and although you know all the tricks on the boom you often think ‘damn everyone’s life seems cooler than mine!’ But don’t get fooled!

Your Future

You will have Instagram for the rest of your life, even if it turns out to be the next MySpace. You will still post thirst-traps for the people in your retirement home with the captions “lit” or “mood” as a joke. Instagram will be the one platform for everything: messaging your friends, recipes, makeup tutorials, outfit inspirations, in-app shopping and even dating!


Gamers and wannabe-gamers, be aware. We are coming for you too. 

Your Personality

Social media zodiac. Twitch Your Personality
  • If you are not a creator there, you are a noob gamer and secretly want to learn how to play better. Or you are a simp. 
  • If you’re a female content creator, you’re the queen of simps and you most likely have a fake voice you use during your streams. No exceptions.
  • You’re dreaming of making Twitch your career but you would never -actually- do anything to achieve it. 
  • Reddit and Twitter are your main news sources. Whatever “news” is to you.
  • Whether you are a professional gamer or not, you have a top-end computer system. Yes, including the gaming PC and keyboard with the LED lights. 

Your Future

You will get over Twitch as soon as your first child is born. Not before. Unfortunately. Until then you will continue to simp on gamer girls or thirst-trap your fans. 


The seemingly number one communication medium for Gen-Zers is definitely Snapchat. 

Your Personality

  • You are Gen-Z and Snap is your main communication medium. What even is a text?
  • If you are a millennial or older, get out now. This is not the platform for you.
  • You are a commitment-phobe. You can’t even commit to a permanent chat history.
  • You document every little moment in your life. Feeding the dog? Story. Walking to work? Story. Eating your oatmeal? Story.
  • You have reapplied makeup after removing it in the evening because your crush finally replied to your story at least on one occasion. Or, worst case scenario, you use the dog filter.
  • You secretly watch Snap Originals when you are bored.
  • You know every hack out there for recording screens without notifying the person you are talking to.
  • Average screen time per day: 8 hours 27 minutes
Snapchat. Your Personality.

Your Future

One day you might get over your commitment issues but not now. And you’ll photograph your kids with the dog filter on. To protect their privacy, of course. And no, even in the future, it will still not be socially acceptable to make the duckface in public, so go deal with your selfie addiction elsewhere. 😛


Aesthetics, mood boards and inspos: That’s Pinterest! You have an eye for design. And another for perfection. 

Your Personality

  • You are a perfectionist and a boss babe (or a “boss babe”).
  • Let’s face it, you’re probably a woman in her 30s. Late 30s. Or you’re 14. 
  • Your bedroom looks almost too much like a Pinterest dream. 
  • You probably bought a label maker and labeled all spice jars in your kitchen. 
  • You’ve searched for “insert random word” aesthetic. 
  • You saved a lot of recipes and you still haven’t tried one until now. 
  • You have at least one tattoo that is inspired by a pin.
  • You own too much jewellery from Etsy.
  • You know how to clean wine stains from a beige carpet very well. 
  • You were once popular on MySpace a long time ago. A long, long time ago.

Your Future

You’ll have kids with unusual “aesthetic” names. Like Antiquity or Lucius Artorius. Or you’ll be 18 in 4 years. Maybe you will also bring your creative ideas to life and be founding your very own start up, then according to Pinterest stats, more than 65% of all users visit Pinterest when they want to get started on a new project anytime soon. If you’re not a future founder, you’ll probably only try to compensate for your boring everyday job (or school days, if you’re 14) by adding some creativity to your life.


How can we do a post about users of social media platforms without including the one with the most users: 2.23 billion. It’s safe to assume that everyone of our readers either still has or has had Facebook, as well as their parents, aunts, uncles, their neighbour’s cats and their primary school crush. However, it seems that those who still have and use Facebook, tend to be more outspoken and have “alternative” beliefs.  

Your Personality

  • When you first downloaded Facebook, the first thing you did was stalk your crush. And then your bully.
  • If you still use Facebook religiously (pun intended), we are sorry but you must be a boomer.
  • You have pending requests from old school friends and to your children/grandchildren. They will never get accepted.
  • You have had at least ten online arguments under a Facebook post. In the last month.
  • Your profile picture is a family photo from 10 years ago. Madame/Sir, your children are adults now.
  • You prefer using Facebook through your computer than your phone because the screen is bigger. 

Your Future

You will play Facebook games forever because there will not be any more profiles to stalk. Even your high school crush deleted their account. You will soon realize that Facebook is the new MySpace and move on to newer platforms. 

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Author: Sherriene Redha, Junior Social Media and Community Manager