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Digital Brand Influence Programs building Digital Brand Equity is the next frontier for brand success and growth  

At Kingfluencers, we are driven by our motto Going #BeyondInfluence and innovate to turn that claim into practice. We understand that influencer marketing is part of the much bigger field yet to be fully developed and exploited by marketers.

Based on years of experience, solid expertise, and our unique holistic view on the topics of advocacy or influence, we have built an integrated approach to help organizations and professionals take control of the narrative surrounding their brand and boost competitive advantage and growth.

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Digital Brand Influence Program building Digital Brand Equity is the next frontier for brand success and growth.

Brand success is increasingly defined online

A significant proportion of a brand’s overall equity and success depends on its visibility, how it is perceived, and its ability to connect in consistent ways to its audiences in the complex digital ecosystem where every voice and opinion can be heard and information of all sorts travels at the speed of light and can reach millions of your target audience in seconds.

Digitised consumer journey and the outcomes of doing it right

is the average number of consumer touchpoints with a brand before purchasing.
or more of customer journey x brand touchpoints estimated to be digital & mobile.
of customers say that omni-channel customer experience drives purchase as much as the actual product.
of consumers say branding (messaging) consistency defines brand loyalty.
outperformance of integrated marketing campaigns consisting of 4 channels versus single or dual channel campaigns
customer retention
customer retention for brands with strong cross-touchpoint customer engagement strategies vs. 33% for brands without
higher annual revenue growth of companies who provide strong consistent cross-touchpoint / omni-channel engagement strategies – resulting in up to 23% extra revenue or between 4% to 8% faster sales growth than the market

Building your Digital Brand Equity is key, but can be a challenge

Digital Brand Equity refers to the way the brand is perceived and valued in the digital space, and the degree to which this digital presence and image has a positive influence on people’s purchasing decisions and the brand’s overall success.

Digital Brand Equity is a core component of the overall brand equity.

Our Digital Brand Influence programs focus on controlling and building your brand’s digital brand equity.

Kingfluencers’ innovative Digital Brand Influence Programs as your solution

What is Digital Brand Influence?

Digital Brand Influence refers to a brand’s ability to affect and strengthen people’s perceptions, opinions, and preferences related to a specific brand versus its competitors through the use of digital content and communications.

Much of the power of Digital Brand Influence Strategies is drawn from word of mouth and advocacy marketing, as well as integrated marketing principles.

Digital brand influence is not an end goal but a powerful tool to build digital brand equity, through establishing and reaching a wide range of goals in various areas.

Kingfluencers' innovative Digital Brand Influence Programs as your solution.

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Our programs…

Analyze, identify gaps, and design appropriate strategies and plans
Bundle the power of multiple marketing disciplines or areas by harmonizing your brand’s activities across these disciplines, platforms, channels, and opinion voices
Subsequently and simultaneously inject the power of word of mouth* / advocacy and storytelling into the mix
Aim to improve and maintain message consistency across your channels and voices
Measure outcomes and reiterate strategy, tactics, and planning for improvement and accelerated growth
The outcome
The power to take back control and steer the narrative in a powerful, authentic, and credible way, generating real positive impact.

Those brands who master their digital brand equity as first movers will gain an advantage and outperform their competitors moving forward.

The first Chiefs of Digital Brand Influence / Equity will be core players at the top level within organizations.

Brands who master their Digital Brand Equity as first movers will gain an advantage and outperform their competitors.

You set your goals, we help you achieve them

Every program is fully customized to the needs and challenges of the client. The strategy and mix of services, therefore, vary case by case, as do the set KPIs. 

Our Digital Brand Influence Programs allow you to reach a series of objectives to build and increase digital and overall brand equity, such as the following:

Stimulate brand appeal and strengthen positioning and brand image
Gain positive share of voice
Spark intrinsic advocacy and strengthen your brand community
Build competitive advantage and elevate brand preference
Increase customer loyalty, generate more revenue, and improve profitability
Strengthen your employer branding and attract more talent
Become more resistant to negative internal and external shocks

A smooth journey to an upwards cycle of growth  

Our team of experts in multiple fields such as influence and content marketing, social media, project management, digital technologies, etc. guide your organization and stakeholders along the way, from strategy to implementation and optimization.

Our goal is to establish continuous learning and improvement, generating ever more benefits and growing positive outcomes for your brand and your team.

Process and flow of Kingfluencers approach.

Be part of the journey!

As the leader in the field of influence marketing and digital brand influence, we are constantly innovating and working hard to help you achieve your objectives better, faster, and bigger.

We love to be on your journey to ever more success with you, using our expertise, passion, and commitment as well as the power of our digital brand influence strategies and models which are constantly evolving.

We welcome your challenges and are open to co-invest in tackling them together with our innovative, unique approaches. So … shall we?

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