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Influencer Marketing has set hold in almost any industry and that with good reason. Kingfluencers offers solutions for all industries with different campaign types. Additionally we have a broad set of social and influencer related service offerings.


Consumer Goods

Boost the consideration for your products by placing them in the trusted hands of influencers who can inspire and advise their communities.

Often products are interchangeable, making referrals and recommendations even more important.

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

People want to be inspired, know about the newest trends, and receive recommendations – especially in an industry with endless choices.

Communities look to their trusted influencers for inspiration and advice and therefore can have a direct sales impact.

Marketing & Media

Kingfluencers is a leading supplier in the area of influencer marketing for all types of agencies.

We offer efficient, first-hand influencer data insights, as well as attractive partner agreements. We offer advisory services, as well as workshops that educate and provide support.

Travel & Tourism

Give potential clients an exclusive look into your newest and most exciting services and locations by providing unforgettable experiences for influencers that they can share with their communities.

In a time of information overload, people want to be inspired and informed by others they trust before making a decision.

Finance, Insurance & Services

Non-product based marketing works very well in influencer marketing as influencers allow for authentic and emotional storytelling. This can build up brand sympathy and recognition, even when there is no product to be featured.

Influencers are chosen that reflect your brand values and can carry these out to their communities in an authentic and relatable manner.

Health & Pharma

Influencers are trusted by their communities, especially with health-related topics. This plays an important role. People can identify if they have similar issues as the influencer and the influencer can raise awareness around specific topics.

People will still depend on their doctors or pharmacists for information but it can create a great sense of community knowing you are not alone.

Standard campaign

The core of influencer marketing: versatile, flexible, and goal-oriented.

HR campaign

Influencer marketing of employer branding. 

Implement a narrative in your recruitment that reflects your company well and attract potential employees.

Employee product placement campaign

Leverage the power of your employees and turn them into the best ambassadors for your product or service. 

Employees = nano influencers

PR Campaign

Campaigns that gather PR-relevant storytelling, such as Helpfluencers concept for charities, campaigns relevant for NGO’s or brand image, and public relations.

Digital Sampling

Looking for a great way to get your product noticed and generate conversion? Influencer-based sampling campaigns offer the perfect solution. Learn more here.

83% have made purchases because of an influencer
Influencer Marketıng

Our internal processes allow for multi-influencer and multi-platform campaigns to be run cost-efficiently and target-driven.

The independent creators that are onboard with us are reliable, authentic, and hand-picked by our Community Management. We have first-hand insights about their profiles and audiences.

creative advisory

Are you looking to reach 1 million people within 12 hours? Do you need a highly creative concept to establish a new product within a specific industry? Or maybe you want to add value to your existing strategy? 

We support and develop creative concepts that are performance-driven and fit your goals as well as your brand. Our dedicated team creates concepts that go beyond influencer marketing and add value to your brand.

social media strategy

For your influencer marketing campaign to be successful, it takes more than just a couple of product placements on Instagram. We offer social media workshops for your brand, so you can be well prepared and make the most out of your influencer marketing.

TikTok Services

Don’t make ads, make TikToks! Secure your place in the spotlight by implementing a TikTok strategy into your marketing mix. Learn more about our service here.

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