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Put your product in the spotlight, thinking-big-style.

Traditional sampling in central locations such as in stores, at events or in public places is a nice way to make consumers aware of, and get acquainted with, your brand‘s products. However, in the current pandemic physical sampling activities are often not possible.

Looking for a great way to get your product noticed and generate conversion? Influencer-based sampling campaigns offer the perfect solution.

Inspire and engage those with the power to inspire and engage many more.

Discover some of the benefits of digital sampling with influencers to put your product in the spotlight.

Influencers are Opinion leaders & first movers

People tend to follow influencers for inspiration on product or service recommendations. 87% of consumers made purchases based on influencer recommendations.

Multiplier effects

Influencers provide reach and scale up product awareness. One sample can generate awareness towards thousands of consumers, both online and offline through word of mouth.

Real conversion

Influencers are trusted by their communities. Their product endorsements make people consider the product as a good choice and can generate direct sales.


Understanding the influencers‘ communities it is possible to target audiences more precisely as well as reach communities that are otherwise hard or even impossible to reach.


No costly operations or expensive set up costs, nor physical and location-based constraints. Influencer-based sampling campaigns are not limited to narrow locations and are very cost-effective.

How does it work?

Our Hassle-free process
makes it 

Our team provides a full service approach in order to give your brand and product a needed quick boost. This includes the following activities listed below. 

We make the entire process effortless for your brand while assuring the best results.
List of creators

Create a list with the ideal influencers from our network.

Influencer information

We will provide you with all the necessary influencer information.

Sampling package

Define the sampling package content together with your team.


Create influencer communications.

Follow up and verification

We stay in touch with the influencers throughout the whole campaign.


We provide you with a full reporting on your project.

Good to know: According to an FMCG study by Bazaarvoice 57% of consumers say they bought certain products only because they first heard about on social media, and 66% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing social media posts with pictures and videos from real customers.
Still got questions? We have answers!
Which influencers do you include in digital sampling campaigns?

For digital sampling campaigns we work mainly with micro-influencers. The majority of the included influencers have a community of between 5K-18K followers, although some smaller and larger communities are possible.

Why work with micro-influencers?

Working with micro influencers in this context provides you with the best cost-benefit ratio, a good reach thanks to the volume of influencers that can fit the budget, and unmatched possibilities to zoom in on your target audiences. Micro influencers have in general higher engagement rate as they often know a big part of their community personally.

How many micro-influencers take part?

How many influencers are included in the campaign depends on your goals and target audiences. Typically, campaigns include between 30 and 80 micro-influencers. 

Do you guarantee that influencers post?

No, the influencers receive the products along with an accompanying letter and it is up to them whether they would like to share the product and their opinion with their audience. Thanks to the good and close relationship we maintain with our influencer community however we attain higher than average post rates with our influencer network.

What if influencers don‘t post?

The most valuable type of advertising a brand can achieve is word of mouth. When that word of mouth comes from an influencer who recommends your products to their inner circle of people they come in contact with thanks to the sampling products they received, the impact for your brand and product sales is bound to be very positive and generate real impact.

How fast can you get my campaign up and running?

At Kingfluencers we work at the speed of light! Now seriously, we are really fast and rigorous. We can get your campaign running within 3 weeks, from conception to implementation, depending on your logistical readiness to get products sent out quickly.

What‘s the cost?

Campaigns start for as little as CHF 6.250 already (excluding product and sending cost).

Case Study

Kingfluencers worked with a leading soft drink company to promote a new beverage flavour by means of influencer-based sampling campaigns. Here are some of the achievements:

  • 70 influencers with a reach between 6.4K and 77K followers (with an average reach between 8K and 16K in the majority of cases). 
  • 24 influencers posted on their social media profile. 
    • 20 stories 
    • 7 post feeds 
  • On average posts reached between 2K to 5K consumers. 

Above metrics do not take into account offline stimulated word-of-mouth and influencer product advocacy which is an important element of our approach. 

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