Beyond Influence: The Powerful Opportunities within Digital Influence

At Kingfluencers, we understand that influencer marketing is part of a much bigger field. We encourage brands to think beyond influence to digital brand equity. In this blog series, we’ll cover how brands can establish, strengthen, and grow long-term brand equity through digital influence programs. First, we’ll explain what we mean by that and what lies beyond traditional influence.

What is Digital Brand Equity?

Digital brand equity is the value of brand recognition and brand perception in the digital space. Digital brand equity is a core pillar to competitive advantage. It has a positive influence on people’s purchasing decisions and is a key determinant of the brand’s overall success. 

→ Defining factors for a brand’s digital equity include:

digital brand equity

What is Digital Influence?

Digital influence is the online equivalent of brand equity. It refers to a brand’s ability to affect and strengthen people’s perceptions, opinions, preferences, and decisions related to your brand versus competing ones. Digital influence is the ability of a brand to take ownership of the influence they have to impact perceptions and – most importantly– decisions.

Like digital brand equity, digital influence is a key determinant of the brand’s overall success. Digital influence strategies enhance your brand’s ability to take that control and ownership to shape perceptions. It is a means to an end. You can build digital brand equity through a variety of digital branding and influencer strategies.

By impacting decisions, you can drive revenue by encouraging people to:

  • Purchase your brand over competitors by building competitive advantage and elevating brand preference
  • Increase expenditures through upgrades and additional purchases
  • Remain loyal customers over time to increase customer loyalty, generate more revenue, and improve profitability
  • Recommend your brand to their friends by sparking intrinsic advocacy and strengthening your brand community
  • Work for your brand, enabling you to recruit and retain the best employees and strengthen your employer branding
digital presence

Digital Influence = Huge Component of Overall Brand Equity

For many brands, the majority of customer interactions take place online. That means your digital influence is nearly synonymous with brand equity. Simply put, what people think of you online is what people think of you. Those brands who master their digital brand equity as first movers will gain an immense advantage and outperform their competitors moving forward.

Beyond Social Media

An influencer posts a positive review of your brand on Instagram. A content creator features your product in an entertaining TikTok.


Influencer campaigns are excellent tactics for increasing awareness and connecting with your audience.

But that’s just it… they’re tactics – individual components of what must be a larger strategy in order to really make a long-lasting impact. So, what separates effective brands from those throwing campaigns at the wall and hoping something sticks?

How Can Brands Build a Foundation of Digital Influence?

A brand’s equity depends on your visibility, how you’re perceived, and your ability to connect in consistent ways to your audiences in today’s complex digital ecosystem.

Consumers rank trust as a top buying consideration. 81% need to trust a brand to consider buying from it. Nielsen reported that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family, and 70% trust online reviews from strangers. A strong digital presence and positive online reputation can help strengthen brand equity, in turn influencing purchasing decisions.

Consumer checking out a brand on social media

Proper digital influence strategies and tactics draw their inherent power from word of mouth (WoM) marketing principles. Building digital influence involves magnifying and elevating the impact of WoM through digital amplification. Digital influence enables brands to turn a 1:1 process into 1:many while maintaining credibility. Shifting from one to many amplifies a brand’s influence, which drives exponential gains, making digital influence extremely powerful.

Digital influence programs must focus on strengthening the brand’s digital presence and thereby positively influencing brand awareness and perception. 

consumer browsing on social media

The Amplification Effect

Individual marketing initiatives, such as SEO, can give your brand a boost. But the most powerful strategies work collaboratively to amplify one another.

With numerous people-centric tactics focused on advocacy, WoM, and authentic storytelling, you can achieve an amplification effect. More people will discuss your brand, activate audiences and communities, building more intrinsic advocacy and WoM from consumers and partners. Like the famous “Flywheel” model, customers become advocates and promoters who feed growth as they move through the phases of attract, engage, and delight.

Key Components of Building Digital Brand Equity

A strong foundation must run deep and wide. 

Doing these following things well and for enough time will improve your brand reputation and drive increased online visibility. You’ll be able to increase knowledge of your brand, and impact perceptions of your brand versus others.

  • Use your existing brand equity

Make use of the equity you already have. Build upon your brand’s reputation and standing in the market. Get ahead of the narrative and consistently convey your brand’s unique selling propositions.

  • Be consistent

Have consistent, coherent messages across all digital channels. Those messages should also be in line with consumers’ offline experiences. Consistency is key. 41% of consumers say branding (messaging) consistency defines brand loyalty.

  • Run people-centric campaigns

The participation of numerous voices, along with a consistent story, helps create positive digital brand equity and therefore digital influence. Work with multiple advocates and storytellers who can promote your brand authentically, including employees and senior leadership. Capture and make use of user-generated content.

  • Harness the power of advocacy & word of mouth

Advocacy is a key ingredient. Consider personal branding and working with corporate ambassadors. With an integrated approach, you can take control of the narrative surrounding your brand and boost competitive advantage and growth. 

An effective digital influence program will include multiple tracks such as social media, influencer marketing, brand and corporate ambassadors, personal branding, content creation, including UGC, and performance marketing. While these tracks can each deliver results independently, a program is stronger when they’re all in alignment. More to come in part 2!

Boosting Conversions: Performance Marketing with Influencer Content

In the dynamic world of modern marketing, the symbiosis of influencer content and performance marketing emerges as a powerful force. This approach entails a multifaceted strategy that melds the strengths of influencers, data-driven insights, and optimized ads. At its core, this methodology revolves around seamlessly integrating influencer content into performance campaigns, guiding potential customers towards online shops with finesse. Features like Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shop enhance the customer journey, optimizing the conversion process. This article explores the intricacies of this strategy, unraveling how it drives engagement and sales.

The Evolution of Performance Marketing with Influencer Content

Performance Marketing with Influencer Content, though not novel, has gained substantial traction in recent times. This method empowers advertisers to refine their marketing tactics, fostering user acquisition, brand recognition, and efficient return on ad expenditure. At its essence, creator-based performance marketing transforms authentic content generated by influencers and content creators into the driving force of performance campaigns. The resultant conversion-optimized ads propel sales in the domains of e-commerce and social commerce.

Harnessing Influencers and content creators in the Digital Era

In the contemporary digital landscape, social media has emerged as a dominant player in marketing. The convergence of influencer marketing with performance campaigns amplifies the efficacy of advertising strategies. Influencers and content creators wield the trust of their followers, endorsing products with research-backed integrity rather than contractual obligations. In contrast to celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing’s appeal lies in its laser focus on niche communities, facilitating profound engagement.

Crafting an Effective Creator-Based Performance Marketing Strategy

Within this realm, crafting an effective creator-based performance marketing strategy entails a multifaceted orchestration. The interplay of compelling content, astute audience targeting, and finely tuned ads constitutes the symphony of success. By assimilating influencers’ and content creators’ authentic perspectives, brands synthesize a resonant narrative that propels users towards online shops. This integration serves to humanize the marketing process, fueling engagement and driving conversions.

Empowering Campaigns with Influencer Creatives

In today’s digital tapestry, influencers and content creators have ascended to the role of modern storytellers. Their content possesses the rare ability to captivate and convert. Integrating influencer-generated content into performance campaigns taps into an authentic wellspring of relatability and trust. This integration imbues advertisements with an undeniable authenticity, fostering a seamless transition from interest to purchase. By embedding influencer and content creator insights into the journey, the trajectory from browsing to transaction becomes intuitive, catalyzed by the persuasive power of genuine endorsement.

Moreover, influencer content can be marketed on a much more authentic level. Which leads to the usage of diverse, creative and target group-oriented assets, instead of having to rely on or resort to monotonous, less authentic stock images. Customers are thus addressed on an emotional level, while at the same time a recognition value occurs, which increases the purchase potential immensely. This also leads to cost efficiency on the brand side, as the influencer and content creator campaigns created can simultaneously create a synergy for the usage and marketing on other channels.

A Seamless Path to Conversion

In bridging the inspiration-to-action gap, the pivotal role of influencer content takes center stage. Brands have leveraged ingenious features such as Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shop to facilitate frictionless conversion pathways. Merging influencer content with these tools elevates inspiration to actionable engagement. Audiences captivated by influencer- and content creator-endorsed products can seamlessly transition from captivating posts to tangible purchases. This harmonization ensures a seamless journey, transforming potential customers into steadfast advocates and fostering an enduring cycle of engagement and growth.

The Essence of Influencer Selection and Engagement

Optimal influencer and content creator selection is foundational to this approach. Establishing transparent agreements and briefing influencers and content creators on brand ethos are essential to fruitful collaborations. Legal safeguards and clear communication lay the groundwork. In scenarios where expertise is limited, partnering with agencies can streamline influencer and content creator interactions and campaign execution.

In Closing: Creator-Based Performance Marketing Unveiled

To summarize, the convergence of influencer content and performance marketing encapsulates a dynamic approach that intertwines storytelling with data-driven precision. Integrating influencer and content creator insights within this framework magnifies its impact. By aligning influencer and content creator expertise with e-commerce tools, brands sculpt a seamless journey from intrigue to conversion. This narrative-rich pathway augments user experiences, fuels engagement, and emboldens online sales, forging a harmony between authenticity and commerce.

TikTok Influencer: The 20 Most Successful TikTok Influencers In Switzerland

After its international launch in 2017, TikTok has become one of the largest social media apps in the world. The ByteDance brainchild has become a sensation among young people around the world, having over a billion followers worldwide. As always, the popularity of this platform has given rise to many social media influencers on the platform. These influencers which are known as TikTok influencers have become people who can help businesses be more visible by authentically engaging their communities on the app.

Switzerland has a population of 8.66 million people. TikTok is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland, especially among young people, but not only (see our blog article about “No, Gen Z doesn’t Equal “Gen TikTok”). In 2022, there were an estimated 2.06 million TikTok users in Switzerland that are 18 and above. The gender demography indicates that more females use TikTok in Switzerland with the ratio standing at  50.7% to 49.3% in favor of the ladies. The age demography is also much more widely distributed. According to a recent survey, the distribution is as follows: 18-24 years old: 50.5%, 25-34 years old: 38.8%, 35-44 years old: 5.9%, 45-54 years old: 2.2%,55 years and older: 2.6%.

With so many users spread across such a wide demography, it is a no-brainer that there are many successful TikTok Influencers in the country. The success of these influencers shows that TikTok is a powerful platform for reaching a large audience and building an engaging community in Switzerland. 

In today’s article, we are going to be revealing a list of the 20 most successful TikTok influencers in Switzerland, with whom we have worked for different brand campaigns throughout various industries. Let us dive into the list and find out who is who in Switzerland’s TikTok influencer world.

1. TP (@thispronto) – 16.1M followers

Oluyomi Scherrer, known as Thispronto (@thispronto) on TikTok, became super famous for making delicious food and cool videos. He started in 2020 and got 11.8 million followers fast by showing off his cheesy dishes and pulling them apart in cool ways. His videos went viral, especially when he sliced rare meats or made a chocolate milkshake, getting over 7.5 million views. He also has a YouTube channel with 125K subscribers, where he shares more about himself.

People love Thispronto for how he looks, his great smile, and his unique style. He’s a big deal on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and a lot of fans love following him.Now, he’s getting into modeling, and he’s still growing on social media. He’s known for his awesome cooking, friendly personality, and being popular on different platforms. He’s on track to be one of TikTok’s biggest stars, keeping fans hooked with his food skills and cool stuff online.

2. Noemi Nikita (@noeminikita) – 13.5M followers

Swiss TikToker Noemi Nikita commands a massive following of 13.5 million, renowned for her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. Since her 2019 TikTok debut, she’s enchanted viewers with her fun takes on daily “getting ready”s . Her videos encompass funny and authentic makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and insights into leading a chic life. Nikita’s innate ability to forge a personal bond with her audience sets her apart as a gifted content creator. Her videos are not only stylish and aspirational but also consistently engaging.

In the realm of TikTok, she’s a burgeoning luminary, destined for even greater prominence. Highlights of her TikTok success include a makeup tutorial with 10 million views, a fashion haul reaching 5 million views, and a peek into her daily routine garnering 3 million views. At the time of writing, her videos have amassed over 338.3 million likes. Nikita’s artistic prowess ensures ongoing entertainment and inspiration for her audience in Switzerland and around the world.
Nikita has participated in some of our campaigns. Check out her skincare routine for blemished skin with CeraVe.

3. Joung Gustav (@jounggustav) – 5.6M followers

Joung Gustav, a Swiss-born TikTok sensation, has etched his name among the top echelons of social media stardom in Switzerland. Boasting over 5.4 million followers, his rise to fame stemmed from the creative concoction of lip-sync and dance performances on the viral platform. His TikTok trajectory has been propelled by a fusion of musical prowess and street charisma. With a background in singing cultivated during his formative years in high school and college, Gustav wields his talent adeptly, captivating audiences globally. His knack for engaging strangers and delivering riveting rap performances amidst urban landscapes has earned him an impressive tally of over 102 million likes on TikTok.

His Instagram presence, boasting 309k followers, mirrors his TikTok exploits, showcasing street performances that amplify his magnetic online persona. Joung Gustav’s ascent epitomizes the digital age’s ability to transform talents into global phenomena, solidifying his status as a modern-day social media luminary in Switzerland and beyond.
Check out the content he created for one of our campaigns with him for the Smile Swiss Influencer Awards.

4. Daniellapintto (@daniellapintto) – 4.5M followers

Daniela Scuderi, better known to her 4.5 million followers as @daniellapintto on TikTok, is a Swiss sensation redefining social media entertainment and has captured hearts with her engaging lip-sync performances, relatable comedy sketches, and on-point trend videos.

Her rise to stardom stems from an innate ability to connect with her audience through authentic and entertaining content. Daniela’s TikTok account is a mosaic of creativity, where she effortlessly weaves together humor, trends, and relatable moments that resonate with millions worldwide.

Beyond TikTok, Daniela extends her digital footprint to Instagram, where she shares glimpses into her personal life, travels, and moments that further solidify her bond with fans. Her Instagram presence, akin to a visual diary, offers a deeper insight into the life and experiences of this multifaceted social media personality.
Daniela Scuderi isn’t just a TikTok star, she’s a symbol of contemporary digital entertainment, leveraging her charisma, talent, and authenticity to carve a niche in the dynamic landscape of social media. Her magnetic presence continues to captivate audiences, making her a celebrated figure in the realm of online entertainment. Check out the content she did with us for Fisher Price.

5. Leo (@leshautscommeleo) – 4.4M followers

Leo, better known as @leshautscommeleo on TikTok, has 4.5 million followers. Through his comedic sketches and engaging lip-syncing videos, he has successfully garnered a large following on the platform. Originating from a quaint Swiss town, Leo began his TikTok journey in 2020, rapidly amassing popularity through his relatable and amusing content. His videos, which humorously chronicle everyday encounters like school, work, and relationships, have struck a chord with viewers globally

Several of Leo’s TikTok videos have achieved substantial success. Notable among them are “My First Day of School,” viewed over 10 million times, “When Your Crush Texts You,” boasting 5 million views, and “How to Deal with Stress,” watched by over 3 million users.

In addition to his comedic prowess, Leo is a university student pursuing computer science, displaying a diverse skill set that encompasses music and singing. He holds a deep affection for comedy movies and TV shows, consistently aiming to elicit laughter from his audience. With an ability to forge a personal connection with his followers, Leo is primed for continued growth and recognition, emerging as an inspirational figure and exemplar of achievement for youth worldwide.

Check out his content for the Greenpeace campaign he did with us.

6. Ales2ndro (@ales2ndro) – 3.1M followers

Alessandro Crivelli, known as Ales2ndro on TikTok and Aless2ndro on Instagram, is a big deal on social media. He’s lives in Lugano, Switzerland. He attended a vocational high school focusing on digital communication, he’s really into music and ballet.

His social media success changed his life. It helped him shake off a negative outlook and see things in a more positive light. But fame comes with its challenges – he deals with prejudice and negativity sometimes.

He still hopes to be an actor and travel a lot. His message to everyone out there is all about self-belief, chasing dreams, and making the most out of life. That’s what he’s all about!
He’s part of a lot of campaigns with us, to name a few: to promote the relaunch of a new insurance for Helvetia, or the “Not a Joke” campaign against cyber mobbing.

7. AdiTotoro (@aditotoro) – 2.4M followers

AdiTotoro is super famous on TikTok! Loads of people like his videos – he’s got over 97.4 million likes and 2.4 million followers. What’s cool about him is the funny and clever stuff he does in his videos. He loves wearing his special Totoro costume in them.

Apart from TikTok, he’s all over other places too like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. On YouTube, he started way back in 2015, making all sorts of videos like pranks and vlogs. Later on, he decided to make his videos in Swiss German.

He’s not just about making videos, though. 

AdiTotoro also started his own clothing label called De Bifferent and won some cool awards like the Swiss Comedy Award in 2020 and the Swiss Influencer Award in 2021. In 2019, he began his journey on TikTok, and he’s been doing fun stuff there ever since!
AdiTotoro had different plans before; he wanted to work at a radio station. But he found his true calling on social media, and that’s where he’s really made a name for himself. He is part of our campaign with Stimorol, check it out!

8. Chiaracastelli (@chiaracastelli) – 1.8M followers

@chiaracastelli is a buzzing account, full of music magic, owned by Chiara Castelli, a talented Swiss singer-songwriter. With a massive 1.8 million followers and 19.1 million likes, her TikTok is a hotspot for music lovers.

Chiara’s TikTok is all about her tunes! She shares her musical talent through videos of her singing and strumming her guitar, plus covers of hit songs. But it’s not just performances – she also gives a sneak peek into her creative process and chats with fans in the comments.
This account is a stage for Chiara’s music and a window into her world for fans. Her dedication to music shines through her posts, keeping everyone hooked with her fresh and exciting content. Chiara Castelli is more than just an artist; she’s a passionate soul sharing her talent and connecting with fans in a whole new way through TikTok. Check out her content for the Zurich Film Festival campaign she did with us.

9. ( – 1.1M followers

Kabee Ch is a big deal on TikTok! She’s got a whopping 1.1 million followers and a massive 26.1 million views altogether. People love her creative ideas and fun content. On TikTok, she rocks with her cool conversational videos, lip-syncs, and POV videos. 

She’s not just about TikTok! On Instagram, Kabee Ch shares cool glimpses of her life, stunning outfits, and modeling photos. She’s super friendly and connects with her audience real quick. 
Her fans adore watching her videos, liking, commenting, and sharing the fun. She’s a star on both TikTok and Instagram, showing off her creativity and making everyone smile. Check out her content for our campaign for Maybelline New York.

10. raffasplasticlife (@raffasplastic) – 1M followers

Raffasplastic is a German social media personality and comedian known for her humorous and sometimes controversial content on TikTok and Instagram. Born in 1994 in Germany, she began creating videos in 2016, quickly gaining attention for her distinctive and bold sense of humor. Her content often involves discussions about her life, relationships, and experiences with mental health.

She’s recognized for parodies of popular songs and impressions of celebrities, showcasing her creativity and ability to engage her audience. Despite the controversial nature of some of her content, Raffasplastic has garnered praise for her originality and her knack for connecting with her viewers. With over 25 million likes on TikTok and a following of more than 360,000 on Instagram, she’s made a significant impact in the realm of social media comedy. Check out her content for our campaign for NYX Cosmetics!

11. Lanabante (@ Lanabante) – 714.5k followers

Lanabante, also known as Laura Bante, is a Swiss influencer, actress, and fitness enthusiast. Her TikTok boasts over 700,000 followers, while her Instagram has gathered over 110,000 fans.

On TikTok, Lanabante shares relatable and funny content, often talking about daily life, relationships, personal growth, and self-love. She also posts workout routines, healthy eating ideas, and beauty tips, inspiring her audience to lead healthier and more positive lives.

Her authentic personality and down-to-earth content have struck a chord with her audience, making her a beloved influencer in the Swiss TikTok community. Lanabante’s knack for connecting with followers on a personal level motivates them to embrace their uniqueness and chase their aspirations.
Beyond social media, Lanabante is an actress with experience in theater productions and starring roles in short films. Her passion for performing and her ability to captivate audiences hint at a promising future in the world of acting. She is part of a lot of our campaigns for different brands, check out the content she created on TikTok for the Brother mini printer campaign.

12. Margauxcedoux (@margauxseydouxx) – 664.8k followers

Margauseydouxx is a video content creator that’s popular on the Swiss tiktok. She is known for her fun and engaging videos that focus on DIY, fashion, lifestyle, and food. She has a total of 664.8k followers and a whooping 29 million views on all her videos. 

She has carved a niche for herself in the digital realm with her delightful and heartfelt content. Born with a creative spirit, Margaux captivates her audience with a warm and affectionate approach. Whether she’s crafting inventive DIY projects, sharing fashion-forward style tips, or offering glimpses into her lifestyle and culinary creations, Margaux’s content is an open invitation for her followers to join in the joy of crafting and self-care. 

Recently, as the cold season has approached, Margaux has been treating her followers to a festive array of content tailored specifically for the holiday season. From crafting gingerbread pillows to presenting thoughtful year-end gift ideas, she guides her community through the art of self-expression. And let’s not forget the adorable addition to her content – Twyx, her cute and endearing cat. 
Also check out the content she created for our Maybelline New York campaign!

13. Nathii (@nathistyle) – 269.4k followers

Nathii, also known as Nathistyle, is a big deal on TikTok. Lots of people like her there – over 16.9 million times! She has about 271,000 friends following her too. What’s cool about her is what she does on TikTok.

She makes videos about her life, the fun things she does, and the clothes she likes. Nathistyle is never shy about showing who she really is. People love that about her. She’s a happy and inspiring person who’s always ready for new things.

Apart from TikTok, she’s on YouTube with her own channel. And guess what? She’s got a podcast too! It’s called Znüni Pause.
Nathistyle is famous for being herself and sharing her life with everyone. Whether it’s vlogs or fashion stuff, she’s got a lot of interesting things to watch. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting, her TikTok is where you can find it. Check out her stylish content she created for our campaign with the secondhand shop marko.

14. Christabelle (@christabelle_8) – 253.5k followers

Christabelle (@christabelle_8) thrives as a TikTok sensation with a robust 253.5k followers. Renowned for her comedy sketches, engaging lip-syncs, and spirited dance challenges, her singing prowess shines through covers of popular tracks. Her videos, seamlessly blending humor and relatability, masterfully tickle funny bones while showcasing her natural ability to evoke laughter. Christabelle’s creative reservoir seemingly knows no bounds, consistently birthing captivating content ideas.

Noteworthy videos include a hilarious mall misadventure sketch, clocking 100k+ views, an energetic lip-sync rendition of “Levitating” by Dua Lipa with 50k+ views, and a dynamic dance challenge to Cardi B’s “Up,” garnering 30k+ views. As a burgeoning TikTok luminary, Christabelle’s trajectory promises sustained growth. Her fusion of talent and creativity ensures riveting entertainment and inspiration for her expanding audience.

In the challenge arena, Christabelle shines bright; her #InMyFeelings challenge video went viral with over a million views. Likewise, her #Renegade and #SaySo challenge entries achieved impressive traction, cementing her role as a rising influencer.

15. Leonard Khalifa (@leonard.khalifa) – 238k followers

Leonard Khalifa isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s a TikTok sensation! With a whopping 238,000 followers, his TikTok game is strong. Known for his humor and engaging content, he reels in his audience with funny videos showcasing his life in Switzerland.

On TikTok, Leonard crafts a world of laughter and entertainment, sharing snippets of his daily life with a touch of Swiss charm. His engaging content keeps followers hooked, making him a popular figure in the digital space.
Whether he’s cracking jokes or giving glimpses into his Swiss lifestyle, Leonard’s TikTok account is a blend of humor and relatable moments. With his engaging approach, he’s managed to carve a niche in the online world, captivating thousands with his amusing content. For a dose of laughter and a peek into Swiss life, Leonard Khalifa’s TikTok is the go-to destination! Check out the content he did for a campaign with us: Blink Fahrschule.

16. T_ronimo (@t_ronimo) – 198.5k followers

T_ronimo, an engaging TikTok persona, a Swiss comedian and actor, boasts a sizable 100,000 followers. His posts offer a candid lens into his life, reflections, and personal experiences, generating an authentic connection with his audience. Presenting an eclectic mix of content, from narratives of his journey as a Balkan immigrant in Switzerland to introspections on the world’s current state and encounters with racism, T_ronimo’s videos resonate due to their blend of humor and unfiltered sincerity.

Emerging in 2022, T_ronimo transcends Swiss borders, finding resonance in countries like Germany, Austria, and Italy. His charm strikes a chord most notably among the youthful demographic aged 18-34, fostering an engaged community.
He worked in a lot of campaigns with us, check out his content for the CeraVe campaign.

18. DARIO.SKRR (@dario.skrr) – 177k followers

DARIO.SKRR, the TikTok sensation with the handle @dario.skrr, is captivating an audience of over 177,000 followers and accruing a staggering 8.7 million likes. Hailing from Switzerland, Dario specialises in comedic sketches and lip-syncs, often joining creative forces with his girlfriend, Aliah. Their collaborative energy shines in videos like the “skrr boi” lip-sync, amassing 740,000 views, and a playful reenactment of a “Mean Girls” scene with 600,000 views. Simple yet uproarious, a video of Dario’s funny face garners 500,000 views.

At just 18 years old, Dario, also known as Dario Bühler, has swiftly risen to fame on TikTok. Based in Winterthur, he balances his online presence with studies at the University of Applied Sciences, where he explores his passion for marketing and social media. Having entered the TikTok scene in 2022, DARIO.SKRR’s charm has even graced Swiss media outlets like 20 Minuten and Blick. His infectious humour and relatability make his TikTok page a prime destination for a hearty laugh. He’s a part of a few campaigns with us, check out one of his content he did for our campaign with Manor!

18. Eric Wdrae (@ericwdrae) – 138k followers

Eric Wdrae (@ericwdrae), a Swiss comedian and TikTok content creator, is making waves with his hilarious sketches and videos that shed light on Swiss culture. Boasting an impressive following, his content has collectively amassed over 100 million views. Eric’s comedic genius shines through in his most popular videos. His take on the unique Swiss pronunciation of the letter “W” has generated uproarious laughter from over 1 million viewers. Delving into the nation’s love affair with cheese, a video with 500K views has struck a chord with many. 

Additionally, his clever portrayal of Swiss people’s obsession with order and cleanliness, depicted in a video with 300K views, demonstrates his keen observational skills. In total, he has a cummulative of 6 million likes from all his videos.
Eric Wdrae’s comedic prowess has catapulted him into the spotlight on TikTok, and his meteoric rise is undeniable. As he continues to tickle funny bones and offer glimpses into Swiss culture, his follower count is bound to surge, solidifying his position as a prominent and side-splitting presence on the platform. We worked with Eric for a few of our campaigns, check out some of the content he did for SBB CFF!

19. Der Praktikant Official (@derpraktikanttv) – 130.4k followers

Der Praktikanttv are rocking it on TikTok! With a knack for quick, engaging content, their TikTok game is on fire. Even though they’re relatively new to the platform, they have 145.8k followers  and 6.1 million likes.

On TikTok, Der Praktikanttv brings a slice of Switzerland, blending humor, catchy sounds, and relatable Swiss phrases. Their short, engaging videos capture the essence of Swiss culture, making it all the more appealing to a local audience.

From a glimpse into Swiss student life to tips on the best places to dine in Zurich, their TikTok serves up bite-sized chunks of Swiss travel, food, and culture. Their unique perspective on Switzerland and their lighthearted, humorous approach set them apart from other travel channels on the platform.
Der Praktikanttv’s TikTok is an ideal spot for anyone curious about Switzerland, offering informative and entertaining content that’ll make you want to explore the country firsthand! Check out the creative content he did for our campaign with Bubble Box.

20. Noah Bachofen  (@bachofennoah) – 38.9k followers

Noah Bachofen is not just a master chef but a TikTok sensation too! With over 38.9K followers and 1.6M likes, his TikTok game is strong. You’ll catch him cooking up Swiss cuisine, adding a dash of humor and catchy sound effects to spice things up.

In Noah’s TikTok world, it’s all about showcasing his culinary skills and the delights of Swiss food. His videos are a treat, hitting over 4.08 million views! He knows how to turn the kitchen into an entertaining stage, making cooking fun and engaging for everyone.

From slicing and dicing to sharing his unique recipes, Noah’s TikTok is a flavorful journey through the world of cooking. He adds that special touch of humor and captivating effects to keep his audience hooked.
For anyone passionate about food or looking for some culinary inspiration, Noah’s TikTok (@bachofennoah) is the place to be. Dive into the world of flavors, recipes, and cooking tips, all served up with a side of entertainment! Check out his refreshing and cool content for a campaign he did for us for AirUp!


Here are some of the most popular TikTok influencers in Switzerland. If you are planning to carry out a campaign anytime soon, this might just be the perfect list to make your choice from. You may wonder who would be the perfect fit for your brand though? At Kingfluencers, we help businesses connect with the right influencers in order to bring your message to your target audience(s). Reach out to us today so we can help you with your individual sourcing for your perfect TikTok influencers and beyond.

Granfluencers: Engage Young Audiences with Older Influencers

Granfluencers are influencers of typical grandparent age, generally 60 or older. Some members of this Baby Boomer generation are building huge social media followings and partnering with brands.

These unique influencers present an equally unique opportunity for brands to connect with audiences of all ages.

Granfluencers are influencers of a typical grandparent age, generally 60 or older.

The Wealth of Older Generations

Brands have good reasons to target baby boomers.

Brands have good reasons to target baby boomers. Many say this is the richest generation of seniors we’ve ever had and will ever have. They have the highest incomes and the most real estate. Baby boomers have redefined aging and, more than previous generations, expect to be able to enjoy life.

“With the highest current disposable income of all generations, baby boomers have the greatest spending power of all generations… According to studies, they spend more than the average customer in almost all consumer categories.” In Germany, the average wealth of boomers is higher than the population average, 30% higher than that of younger generations.

Authenticity that Appeals to Old & Young Audiences Alike

It’s easy to assume that older influencers appeal only (or primarily) to older audiences. But it’s important to consider that granfluencers don’t appeal only to older people. These influencers are attracting followers of all ages, and like all influencers, they create content on a variety of topics.

“While granfluencers speak to older generations, they can also attract younger audiences because of the fun and authentic way they represent themselves online.

Brands should consider partnering with granfluencers as a way of attracting Gen X, Millennials, or even Gen Z, as the older influencers are quite entertaining and engaging for these generations as well,”

said Sarah Schmid, Head of Marketing at Kingfluencers.

Sarah Schmid, Head of Marketing, Kingfluencers
I want to highlight that it’s OK to get older. I feel more authentic. I’m not afraid to be myself.

62-year-old Helen Polise has nearly 1 million followers on her TikTok account, “The Muthership,” which features paid tutorials on using TikTok. Polise affirmed the importance of authenticity,

“I want to highlight that it’s OK to get older. I feel more authentic. I’m not afraid to be myself.”, the magazine on a mission to reset the meaning of middle age, wrote about the appeal of granfluencers.

“Well known for their authenticity and reliability, they don’t try to be something they’re not and are comfortable in their own skin. This makes them appealing to their followers, who appreciate their genuine approach. Thanks to their ability to create a sense of community, engaging with their followers, responding to comments and messages, they are also able to create a strong sense of belonging.”

Pro-Aging, Pro-Living

There’s been a growing recognition of the need to fix toxic beauty standards on social media. Often, this involves featuring models of varying sizes and not using filters to artificially make skin appear flawless. But even with this increased focus, elderly models are still somewhat rare. Showing people of not only different shapes and sizes but also ages is another positive development in the growing popularity of granfluencers.

With over three million followers on Instagram, Helen Vanwinkle describes herself as,

“Stealing Ur Mans Since 1928.”

The 94-year-old American posts bold, colorful outfits.

The 94-year-old American posts bold, colorful outfits.
“All about fashion and confidence as style has no age!”

Many granfluencers communicate pro-aging messages, such as Grece Ghanem who’s bio states,

“All about fashion and confidence as style has no age!”

Joan MacDonald shares her fitness journey, which began when she was 70 years old. She writes,

“To all the incredible women out there, let’s come together and challenge the misconceptions about aging. As we pull back the veil on all we’ve been fed about getting older, we are empowering ourselves to embrace the beauty of aging.”

These messages resonate with a younger audience that hasn’t yet reached that phase of life.

Joan MacDonald shares her fitness journey, which began when she was 70 years old. She writes,

More Diversity and Inclusion

“I see the development of granfluencers as positive. It shows that diversity and inclusion can be done in different ways. I imagine that we will soon be able to observe this trend in Switzerland as well. At Kingfluencers, we already see the relevance of influencers from other generations in addition to Gen Z,” said Tamara Glück Gonzalez, Senior Influencer Strategist, Kingfluencers.

Kingfluencers recently wrote about the popularity of TikTok beyond Gen Z. Just because Gen Z may have led the way doesn’t mean other generations haven’t also moved to embrace TikTok.

Propa shares adventures such as a hot air balloon trip, cooking-related content

Another popular granfluencer on TikTok is 89-year-old Propa, who shares adventures such as a hot air balloon trip, and cooking-related content, and has partnered with HelloFresh Deutschland.

Capture Attention with a Distinct Approach

Merely by nature of being distinct, granfluencers can capture attention. As unique individuals on platforms with numerous young and beautiful creators, elderly influencers stand out from the crowds.

Similar to Seth Godin’s famous Purple Cow analogy, granfluencers can help brands capture attention, which is vital in an increasingly noisy world.

Granfluencers. Seth Godin’s famous Purple Cow
Erika Rischko is an 83-year-old fitness junkie. Granfluencers

For example, Erika Rischko is an 83-year-old fitness junkie and author of,

“Für Fitness ist es nie zu spät.”

Erika posts many workout videos, some of which are quite intense and impressive, including suspension training.

Her content stands out among the many posts tagged with “suspension training.”

Tips for Brands Working with Granfluencers

The process of partnering with a granfluencer is the same as with an influencer from any generation. Some quick tips include:

1. Be sure they’re a good fit with your brand.

2. Give them a briefing, but enough freedom to connect authentically with your audience.

3. Remember that granfluencers are not digital natives.

While those who’ve built a large following are likely as tech-savvy as any Gen Zer, don’t assume.

Connect and have a quick chat to confirm your influencer’s understanding of relevant issues, such as social commerce features or music rights.

Granfluencers as tech-savvy as any Gen Zer,

4. Consider an account takeover, enabling a granfluencer to bring all their authenticity, fun, and wisdom to your brand for a day.

5. You can run campaigns such as:

Granfluencers Staying fashionable
  • Staying fashionable as you age
  • Cooking tips for senior citizens
  • Traveling while elderly

Or simply run campaigns on fashion, cooking, and traveling without specifying that the influencers are elderly – similar to how not every fashion campaign featuring a Gen Z influencer is titled, “Fashion tips for Gen Z.”

With 4.2 M followers, Jaadiee is a popular multigenerational TikTok account. Jaadiee runs the account and describes himself as the

“personal photographer and grandson of Gramps.”

After seeing his grandpa’s love for streetwear evolving, Jaadiee decided to capture his joy and passion and spread it with the world. While Gramps is the main subject of most TikToks, Jaadiee also appears on camera occasionally.

Granfluencers Jaadiee

Contact Kingfluencers to explore how we can help you team up with influencers – “Grand” or otherwise – to build campaigns that amplify your brand messages.

Author: Megan Bozman, Owner @Boz Content Marketing

Fuse the Excitement of an Event with the Power of Influencer Marketing

How to be Another Success Story at StreetParade & Beyond

If you ask yourself what “the Power of Influencer Marketing at Events” brings for your brand and how to maximize your impact for your next campaigns, then read on.

The term “event marketing” conjures up images of exhibitor badges, giveaways, and sponsored cocktail hours. For marketers, it means a lot of logistics work. Influencers, on the other hand, are often associated with campaigns confined to social media – viewed as an entirely distinct marketing channel.

But by incorporating influencers into events, you can fuse the excitement of the event with authentic brand advocacy. The result is a synergy, with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Power of Influencer Marketing at Events

Events are a Vital Marketing Tool

For 61% of marketers, events are their most vital marketing tool. Many events, such as the annual Zurich StreetParade, already have huge visibility, making them excellent channels for brands to engage their audiences. Impressively, event participation leaves 98% of users feeling more inclined to make a purchase. Sponsorship of events helps to facilitate brand engagement for a whopping 98% of cases. 

Coachella, a music and arts festival held annually in California, generates buzz through multi-faceted marketing, including big brand sponsorships, influencer marketing, and social media. When influencers attend and create content, the audience shares in their unique, personal experience of the festival, which is authentic and relatable. Brands foster content creation with experiences such as Absolut Vodka’s “Absolut Ultimate VIP Coachella Experience” contest. Such luxurious settings are often “Instagrammable,” driving the creation of beautiful, engaging content. Research shows that 40% of consumers become brand loyalists after a brand activation event.

The Power of Combining Influencers & Events

Similar to social media in general, brands can engage in their own marketing activities at an event– without influencers. But, again like social media, influencers provide brands with a way to stand out from the noise. Influencers give brands a real face that people relate to and help connect to consumers.

In 2022, the World Cup was hosted in Doha, Qatar, a city not previously known as a soccer hub. To promote the tournament, FIFA immersed 17 influencers in Doha’s culture. The campaign included influencers representing 5 countries that are major soccer hubs in order to deliver the necessary large, international exposure. The team achieved a total reach of 10 M, with a total engagement of 127K.

(Brands + Influencers) + Events = Synergy

With the proper strategy, brands can partner with influencers and use the marketing power of events to engage audiences.

Kingfluencers serves as a link between brands and creators.

Last year, in collaboration with StreetParade Zurich, we created an exclusive Kingfluencers VIP Stage and shared the experience with over 250 influencers. Under the hashtag #KingfluencersXStreetparade, the influencers shared the unforgettable day live with their communities. The creators published a total of 71 posts on Instagram and TikTok, achieving over 1.8 M impressions.

Street Parade Zurich Kingfluencers VIP Stage

Join the Party, Share the Good Vibes

Building on the success of 2022, Kingfluencers was again part of StreetParade this year and hosted an event in which content creators celebrated brands, combining the excitement of the event with brand advocacy. Enjoying the comfort and support of ON RUNNING shoes, influencers danced in the exclusive VIP zone with the best view of the main stage. ON RUNNING shoes also provided a cool and refreshing installation, and our brand partner Maybelline delivered an onsite get-ready booth and amazing giveaway products.

Highlights include 2.2M (4.8M*) impressions, 210k (358k*) engagement, and an engagement rate of 7.0% (10.9%*).

*KPIs were estimated using internal artificial intelligence-based technology. The actual KPIs generally correspond to the figures in brackets, as significantly more was posted than tracked.

Some of the created content pieces by our influencers on-site can be found below:

Nikita Noemi & Alessandra Spataro for Maybelline L’Oréal

Nikita Noemi & Alessandra Spataro
for Maybelline L’Oréal

Kingfluencers’ content creators that were invited, such as Sven Ivanic, had a wonderful time:

The StreetParade itself is already a highlight, but the Kingfluencers team simply takes it to an even higher level. Great view of the main stage, great people from different areas, and good vibes. What more could you want?

– Sven Ivanic

The huge visibility of the event delivers the perfect opportunity for brands to generate buzz around your product or service in a fun atmosphere, surrounded by people enjoying themselves. Content creators can share authentic good vibes and promote your product in a way that doesn’t feel like a promotion.

Contact Kingfluencers to discuss how your brand can benefit from joining next year’s party.

Street parade crowd

12 Ways to Maximize the Impact of your Influencer Partnerships at Events like StreetParade

Involving influencers raises awareness of the event itself as well as awareness of your brand. Consider the following additional, creative steps.

1. Offer an exclusive, thrilling influencer experience

Delivering an immersive, exciting time for your influencers can build and strengthen their love for your brand, driving more impactful, authentic advocacy. This can also foster more content and higher content quality.

Together with L’Oréal Switzerland, Kingfluencers organized a pre-event for some of the influencers that were invited to the Swiss Influencer Award Show. Professional L’Oréal make-up artists and hairstylists pampered 20 influencers, including Alessandra Spataro. The fun experience also featured beautiful floral decorations from Blumenpost, some tasty bites from Eat Unique, and delicious rosé wine from Piu Vino.

L'Oréal Pre-Event - Get Ready for Swiss Influencer Award Show
Power of Influencer Marketing at Events

2. Ask influencers to invite their community to try your product at the event

Engaged community members can post genuine reactions and reviews, further expanding your reach.

3. Consider an account takeover

Enable an influencer to share their event experiences with your brand’s audience.

4. Try some guerrilla marketing by using the elements of surprise and wonder.

Event attendees are already expecting thrilling, unique experiences. Join the fun with experiential marketing and unconventional and inventive displays. For example, the “Amex Experience” lounge at Coachella offered American Express cardmembers fun activities such as printing their photo onto a limited-edition Coachella tote bag.

5. Run contents & challenges before & during the event

Add to the anticipation in advance of the event by hosting contests and challenges. Keep the content going throughout the event and involve your influencer partners in activating their communities over a longer period of time.

Stimorol x ZOA x Kingfluencers campaign
Power of Influencer Marketing at Events

Kingfluencers ran a campaign for Stimorol in combination with Zurich Openair (ZOA) which achieved excellent KPIs: 2.2M impressions and 45K engagement. In the first phase, influencers promoted a contest before the event to win tickets to ZOA thanks to Stimorol. In phase two, influencers were onsite at the festival, interacting with the community doing Stimorol samplings and funny interviews and challenges.

6. Repurpose the content afterwards

Use the content created during the event across multiple channels. Consider hiring photographers and videographers to create high-quality content with your influencers.

7. Partner up with another brand

In addition to partnering with influencers, consider teaming up with another brand to expand the audience you can reach. By pairing up with a complementary brand, such as food with beverage, you can create delightful experiences for your combined audience.

8. Livestream the event

Share the fun in real-time live on social media, streamed as part of an account takeover by an influencer or marketing agency, or by internal brand employees.

9. Offer branded goodie bags

Everyone loves some swag, and unboxing a goodie bag is fun content to share. Harness the power of FOMO by offering giveaways to event VIPs and influencers.

Interestingly, FOMO is an especially helpful marketing tactic if your target audience includes millennials. 69% of millennials experience FOMO, the highest percentage in any age group. Include branded items like clothing and gadgets to mix the digital with physical experience.

FOMO among millenials

10. Promote incentives

Offer special promo codes for your influencers to share with their community during the event. Consider making the offers short-term to further drive action.

11. Create online event resources

Build assets such as unique landing pages on your brand’s website. Make sure your audience knows the scope of your involvement in the event so they can participate by attending in person, watching your live stream, joining your content, etc.

12. Plan properly & clarify expectations

Regardless of which of the above ideas you incorporate, make sure expectations are clear and your brand can expect a return. Well-structured campaign must include clear briefs and expectations to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. For example, share a “script” of key message points with influencers to maximize content usability after the event.

Author: Megan Bozman, Owner @Boz Content Marketing

Social Media Community Management: An Insider’s Guide – Part 2

How to keep your community engaged

Here are six actionable strategies to drive up engagement of your social media community:

  1. Welcome new members. Have a way to open up the conversation with those who are just joining you. This could be a post tagging new members and asking them to introduce themselves. Or it could be a direct message to anyone who is new (manual or automated). Making people feel welcome and warming them up for active participation is one of the best ways to create engaged community members.
  2. Post at the perfect time. This requires looking at your analytics for when most people interact with your content. Time zones and audience demographics play a big role in when exactly that is. If you figure out the best time to post, more fans will be there to engage with your content right away. The increased initial engagement then encourages social media algorithms to promote your content more – turning your time spent analyzing the best time to post into a double-win.
  3. Encourage discussion: Share interesting third-party posts. People love discussing the latest events relevant to their niche of interest. By sharing selected pieces of content that are sure to get the conversation going, you can drive up your members’ engagement with your social media profile and with each other.
  4. Make your content beautiful. Beautifully crafted posts and crisp images stand out from today’s sea of social media content. Everyone loves to consume, engage with, and share the most appealing things they come across online. If that’s your content – you can be sure people will love engaging with it.
  5. Use video. Video just feels more real than other types of social media content and is still the most requested and most consumed content on social media. If you use it well, your followers will feel more connected to you. As a result, they’ll stick around longer and respond more positively. Using Video is a great way to keep your community going strong.
  6. Gamify your content. Can you figure out a way for your fans to earn points, badges, or discounts for engaging with the community? That’s a perfect way to keep them coming back to your platform again and again. The increased fun factor is sure to keep your followers hooked – gamification can supercharge their community interactions.

Now, what are the exact tasks you have to do when you manage your social media community? 

We’ll dive into those below:

These are your tasks in social media community management

There’s four distinct types of tasks you have to carry out to manage your community well. 

If you do these right, and keep up your efforts over time, your fans will stay happy and you’ll continue to reap the brand-boosting benefits:

Task #1: Monitor

This means you’ll listen to any conversation in any way relating to your brand. There’s so much to glean from these:

  • Are your members venting about their unsolved problems?
  • Are they praising certain positives – that you could double down on in the future?
  • How are they talking about your competitors?
  • How is the general vibe, how are your fans relating to each other? Could you do something to facilitate their conversations?
  • Are they passionate about your brand’s offer to the world?

By staying “on the pulse” of your community, you remain agile – ready to pivot and implement new strategies in response to the insights you gained. 

A good social media community manager can read into what he’s monitoring, and quickly devise new tactics based on his learnings. In addition, a good manager keeps an eye on everything happening – are negative comments being spread or is there even a shitstorm approaching or something similar that should have been handled? You should always be able to react immediately.

Task #2: Moderate

As mentioned above, a social media community manager must respond quickly. Many people think of “moderating” first when they hear the term “community management”: 

The removal of comments using foul language, harming your brand, or otherwise misleading your community members. 

And indeed it’s an important part of the manager’s job. Additionally, you’ll need to address bad customer feedback and calls for support. 

Handle these well, with short response time, and your honorable attitude in dealing with criticism and dissatisfied customers will strengthen your reputation.

Task #3: Engage

The most fun part of social media community management: The (sometimes serious, sometimes playful) back-and-forth with your community members. 

Creating an actual connection with your fans. Making them feel like they’re part of the tribe.

While it’s a good idea to let your followers talk among each other without jumping into every conversation, you should strive for 100% engagement if someone directs a question at you or tags you in any way – within reasonably short response time. 

It’s just another aspect a great community manager is tasked with: Showing the members you really care.

Don’t leave any question unanswered. And draw attention to your profile by commenting on other creators’ or brands profiles and leaving funny comments.

Task #4: Measure

To measure is to make management much easier – that’s why this is one of your most important, but also most beneficial tasks as a community manager. 

There’s several metrics you can track: 

  • Audience size over time
  • Engagement rate
  • Post shares and content reach
  • Brand mentions across all media
  • Number of user-generated content pieces submitted
  • Participation in contests and giveaways
  • Product mentions within your community
  • Click-through to your sales page or product listings

The use of analytics is a powerful way to stay on top of managing your community. You’re able to see the full picture of how your community is doing. And you’re able to react swiftly if some of the data show room for improvement.

When you manage communities on social media, there’s certain things you have to get right to have everything run smoothly – the so-called best practices. You’ll now learn what these are, so you can make sure to implement all of them successfully.

Do you want us to take care of it for you? We have deep expertise in managing online communities. We’ve been a full-service digital marketing agency since 2016 and have helped many prominent brands with their social media community management.

Social Media Platforms

Community management best practices: How to get it right

What are community management best practices?

Best practice #1: Outline rules and guidelines

Before people start taking part in your community, it’s considered best practice to make them aware of the rules they’ll have to respect and the guidelines they’re expected to follow. 

Your standards for acceptable behavior might be different from other communities they’ve participated in in the past – so it’s only fair to let your fans know beforehand. Also, having strict boundaries as to what’s allowed for members and what isn’t makes them feel part of a special in-group: 

Not only does it make your community easier to manage, it’s also great for creating group identity and cohesion.

Best practice #2: Generate new members

It should always be your goal to find new users to join you. Managing a social media community well also means making sure it doesn’t shrink, but always keeps growing. 

So it’s best practice to use different strategies to make people aware of your community and entice them to join: Make sure to frequently share posts to new outlets – and encourage your members to share, too. Explore other outreach methods: Publish links to your community on your company’s website, or promote it to your email list. 

The ultimate way to generate new members is of course to manage your community so well that people are delighted to refer their friends by word-of-mouth marketing.

Best practice #3: Check your ratings

At least every month, make sure to monitor what people have said about being part of your community on review sites like Google, Yelp, etc. You want to be able to address any negative feedback you might have gotten. 

If you then visibly work to improve on what was criticized, it says a lot about how much you value keeping your fans happy.

Again, people don’t like to see unanswered reviews. Take a stand on negative comments or just say thank you on a positive review.

Best practice #4: Reward your fans for interacting

Above and beyond actually reading every post in your community and responding with a “like” or other response emoji – let your community managers show your fans even more love for their regular engagement with your content and your followers:

  • Respond with a GIF or meme
  • Write out a few thoughtful sentences 
  • Gift them a coupon or discount code
  • Share their post or mention them in your own

Follow the best practice of authentic, attentive interaction with your fans, and you’ll cultivate a wonderful feeling of community among your followers.

Community management on Facebook

What does effective community management look like on Facebook specifically?

More than other platforms, Facebook is all about two-way communication. So to manage your Facebook community well, it’s recommended you take the time to type out thoughtful responses to each post – consistently and in a timely manner. This shows your audience that you care. And it’ll keep your community engaged for the long run. 

By the way: Open communication with fans in your Facebook group or page will give you great insights into what your brand is doing well, and what could be improved when dealing with prospects and customers. 

If only for this benefit, investing effort in proper community management on Facebook should be worth it to you.

5 tips for effective community management on Facebook

  1. Publish educational posts. Only sharing links to your website or content you found elsewhere is not the best way to manage your community on Facebook. On the other hand: Create content that genuinely aims to teach your fans something and to improve their lives, and your community will be much more engaged.
  2. Ask your community’s opinion. Make your members actively participate in the group. This is the key to managing social media communities well: Have people actually be social. If you encourage (constructive & cordial) discussion, you’ll help your fans connect with each other. As a bonus, the added interaction will push your content from an algorithm standpoint, giving your posts a much greater reach.
  3. Answer in Facebook Messenger. Some of your customers will try to contact your business page or your community manager’s account through Facebook messenger with questions, remarks or concerns. If you attend to these messages quickly, respond in a friendly way, and try your all to help them out, it’ll do wonders for your community’s reputation and levels of engagement. Your fans will be thankful you care about helping them, so they’ll reward you by sticking around and possibly promoting your Facebook community to others.
  4. Have employees share updates. The community likes to gain a more private insight into the workings of your brand. Having your employees frequently share updates about what’s happening in your business will give your fans the feeling they’re a special part of everything. If your team members then share these posts on their personal profiles, you’ll also be gaining more reach for your Facebook community.
  5. Check your Facebook analytics. Inside the Facebook Creator Studio you get great tools to inform your community management efforts. You can track the performance of each piece of content you post in your Facebook group or to your business page:
  • Views
  • Engagement rates
  • Followers gained (or lost)

Also, it helps you filter, organize and respond to messages and comments all in one place. 

By frequently checking and analyzing your analytics, you can see what worked and what didn’t, and use what you’ve learned to manage your Facebook community even better in the future.

Instagram community management: It’s all about approachability

With over 2 billion monthly users and the average user spending 297 hours per year on the app, Instagram is a great place to build your community. 

On Instagram, creators are highly accessible to their audience. To manage your Instagram community well, you should be ready to interact on a whim. 

It’s also important to “keep it real”: 

The audience skews younger than Facebook, and they appreciate simple, down-to-earth communication. It’s common for even bigger accounts to still respond to DMs, sometimes even go through their followers’ profiles, like their posts and leave thoughtful or funny comments. 

If you want to excel at community management on Instagram, you could adopt the same strategy.

Instagram Profile

How to build a community on Instagram

Make your IG profile beautiful, interesting & helpful

The first step in building a community quickly is to create an outstanding Instagram profile.

This will drive up your conversion rate: A higher number of those who visit your profile will choose to start following you if your content is both visually appealing, educational and/or entertaining. It’ll amplify all your other growth strategies, because a higher percentage of the traffic you’re driving to your profile will convert into followers.

Search popular hashtags

When you’re first starting to build your community on Instagram, go where your target audience is already interacting. Join the conversation, comment on other people’s posts, and add your own relevant content under the same hashtags. 

Follow the most relevant hashtags, and be sure to participate where you can. If your own profile is somewhat enticing, people will start following you.

DM people in your niche

Once you’ve identified those who are engaging with topics in your industry, you can strike up conversations with them via Instagram’s DM feature. These can be bigger accounts, but also your regular would-be customers who are active in your niche. 

You’re starting to make real connections – creating the beginnings of your thriving Instagram community. Not only will the algorithm preferentially show your content to those you’ve interacted with via DM, but you’ll start an even more valuable relationship with your followers and peers. 

Real interactions are how community is built. Be it in real life or on Instagram.

Work with influencers

To jump-start your community building, consider working with influencers in your niche. 

You can have them promote your account on their Instagram profile, sending people over to your brand community. Or have them take over your own account to drive up the engagement there and spur new growth. Instagram influencers can lend instant credibility to your budding community and help you “humanize” your brand

And they’re experienced at building social media accounts – so it could make sense for you to borrow both their authority and their expertise to grow your own.

Engage your audience using stories

Instagram stories are a great way to engage your existing followers, but also to build your community by reaching new people. 

Every time your brand is tagged in someone’s story, a percentage of their followers will click on the tag to visit your profile. If they like what they see, they’re going to stick around – some of them might become your most engaged fans in the future or buy your products.

Make your stories real, fun, and informative: 

  • Present your products or services in an interesting way
  • Show insights into the day-to-day behind the scenes
  • Educate your audience about popular topics in your niche

Tag your fans

Do you have “Superfans” inside your Instagram community? 

Those who like every post, always add insightful comments, and share all of your content? 

Then make sure to tag them from time to time in your stories and profile posts. It’ll make their day – and they’ll continue to feel great about being your brand ambassadors.

Also, if anyone mentions you in their post or story, be sure to repost. 

Engage with your Instagram followers, authentically, as friends. You’ll build a strong, lively community.

Tik Tok community management

TikTok community management – It’s all about engagement

Your brand shouldn’t think of your TikTok community as just another social media outlet to be managed in a one-way fashion. 

It’s an entertainment platform where people dive deeply into connection and co-creation with others. 

If you show up as someone real, i.e. your brand acting as an authentic person – participating daily in conversations inside your community – you’ll see the best results on TikTok

Here are a few actionable ways to make that happen:

Host hashtag challenges 

Your TikTok community will thrive on user-generated content (UGC). 

How do you manage to have your fans create UGC around your brand’s niche? You come up with your own ideas for hashtag challenges. If your challenge goes viral – which happens frequently with TikTok’s algorithm – you could grow your reach exponentially. Not to mention how it’ll make your followers grow closer as a community. One example of this is the THOMY Mayonnaise dance challenge, where influencers like Kevin Bannier and Faye Leonie challenged their community to share their #thomyhappydance as well.

Hop on TikTok trends

Likewise, people love to take part in the latest trends across TikTok. You can ride that wave and gain a lot of momentum with your TikTok community. As there’s always new trends emerging on the platform, you’ll never run out of opportunities to engage your community.

Brands that know how to attach themselves to trends on TikTok, win.

Show your products in an entertaining way

Be it with special dance moves, unique outfits and makeup, or the specific way you speak about your product: You’ll engage your TikTok community if you manage to present your offers to your audience with fresh, engaging, and creative content that spreads your brand’s unique message. Manor provides a good example: on their TikTok channel, they publish recipe ideas, the hottest outfits, makeup tips and much more, and also interact with their community through quizzes.

Organic TikTok content can be a fantastic way to showcase your products and services to your audience – whether on its own or supplemented by paid advertising methods.

Build a narrative

Beyond fun, building a story connecting you and your fans can turn your TikTok community into something special that people want to be part of. 

One important aspect of community management is keeping that story alive with each new piece of content you publish and each conversation you have with your fans. 

A feeling of community goes deeper than superficial social media metrics.

Do you want our help turning your community into a thriving, engaged environment – priming your followers to become loyal customers and brand advocates? Then take advantage of Kingfluencers’ community management services.

Stay tuned for Part 3, where we’ll dive into 3 great examples of a brand’s social media community management.

Social Media Community Management: An Insider’s Guide

You’re consistently posting great content on your brand’s social media account. Your follower count is growing. People clearly like what they’re seeing from you. They’re responding positively to what you have to offer.

Now what do you do with that attention? Do you just let the hype evaporate – like it usually does on social media? Obviously you want to avoid that at all costs. You’ve spent much time, energy and money crafting your social media posts. Don’t waste that effort.

What you need to do now is channel the momentum you’ve built up: 

  1. Turn mere followers into a lively community of fans.
  2. Manage that community. Use the right strategies to “keep the fire going”.

In our work at Kingfluencers, we’ve helped many brands bring their social media presence to life – building engaged communities through our social media community management services.

Below we’ll share our lessons from over six years of building social media communities: The exact strategies, processes and best practices you can implement to create the thriving community your brand deserves.

Let’s take a deep dive, shall we?

Effective Community Management

Effective community management: What it is and why you need it

Your community are those people who consume your content, your brand’s existing and prospective customers, and anyone who interacts with your business online in any way.

Managing the relationship of that audience and creating value for them – both with each other and with your brand – that’s what we call community management.

Social media marketing vs community management – the big difference

For most brands, most of their interactions with their community will take place on social media. So social media is where the community “exists” – and where your community management efforts will be directed.

What this doesn’t mean is that community management is the same as social media marketing:

ocial media marketing is building a strategy that works for the audience, creating your branded content, publishing it on a social media platform and learning from reported stats to optimize KPIs.

Community management is what you do right after posting and throughout your daily presence – talking to your audience, encouraging them to exchange ideas with each other, and having them participate on your social media. It’s about building connections and achieving brand love, as opposed to just sending out your brand message. 

It’s a two- or three-way exchange of information (and emotion!) vs. a one-way-channel.

What a thriving social media community offers to your followers

People join your community not because you asked them to – but because they receive something from it. And it’s something valuable that we nowadays increasingly get from online vs. real world interactions – a sense of belonging:

It instills a feeling of belonging and we all want to be part of something.

And it’s likely among those who:

  • have similar interests
  • enjoy the same activities
  • believe in the same values
  • like the same products as we do

that we find our tribe. 

Joining a community

Community management makes a brand that seems so far away totally approachable. In today’s world, this is a super important aspect to be successful in the social media game and to get closer to the consumers. 

Your brand can tap into this natural process. If you do community management right, you can channel this instinct to “tribalize”: 

You’ll be the connector between like-minded people. And your audience will be grateful for it as it builds authentic relationships between your audience and your team.

Not only will a well-managed community connect your followers with each other. They’ll also get to know, like and trust the members of your team – who they’re engaging with daily on your social media accounts.

This is why it’s vital to “keep it real” when managing your community. People don’t want to interact with someone who:

  • isn’t in tune with their followers
  • sees them only as a number and a dollar sign
  • doesn’t “speak their language”
  • sounds too corporate or robotic

Integrate (if possible) also faces and brand voices into your community management, as for example Edeka did, whereas an influencer took over the Tik-Tok account. Make your brand as close to people as possible, because people trust people and not brands.

Your followers want to feel like they’re talking to humans like them. To friends, even. And that’s when a tribe will start to form around your brand. Because people like to be part of something cool – but also something real.

Do you want to grow and manage your community and make your followers feel valued and included? Check out Kingfluencers’ social media community management services. We’re all about creating brand loyalty with real connections.

What benefits a community offers your business

Now let’s dive even deeper into how your engaged tribe of fans on social media is going to benefit your business. 

Sure, they’re loving you for the way you’re managing your community – but how exactly does that affect key metrics? After all, we don’t want to be chasing vanity metrics: We want to measurably improve our bottom line.

A community lowers your cost for customer support

Your community lowers your costs for customer support

Your community members’ first instinct if they have questions or problems is to ask the peers they know, like and trust. Not to call a hotline or fire up the customer support chat. 

In that way, your engaged social media community greatly reduces your need for these positions. When your customers can solve their problems without needing the assistance of dedicated support personnel – that’s real savings on your end. 

Active social media accounts drive new traffic at no extra marketing cost and boost revenue for free

Instead of paying a high cost to acquire each new customer, your community will by itself get your name out there, attract prospects, and create buyers. 

This means you’ll grow your revenue without having to dip further into your marketing budget. Whether on its own or combined with traditional methods of customer acquisition – an engaged social media community around your brand can significantly grow your bottom line.

Brand advocates multiply your reach

Your brand’s social media is also where your “Superfans” hang out. 

They’re in love with your products, care deeply about your brand, and are highly engaged in your community. These are the customers who will sing the highest praises about you and refer all their friends and family to your business. With a thriving community, you’ll help create more and more of these hyper-loyalists.

Each new Superfan is creating more ripples in the market, attracting new prospects and customers to your business. 

Your community can give you ideas for business growth

Have you ever thought about crowdsourcing ideas for the following?

  • New products, services, or features
  • New markets to enter
  • More efficient processes
  • Creative marketing campaigns

Your community will give you all these ideas for free – without you having to pay for any consulting. 

Whether it’s by brainstorming ideas directly or simply talking about their experiences (and possible issues) with your product or service, you’ll be able to glean much data to help you improve your offers or create new ones.

How to build a community around your brand in 7 steps

We’ve seen all the benefits you’ll gain from building a community on social media around your brand. 

What if you’re just starting to build it? How do you actually go about it? A thriving community is not built overnight – you’ll need effort, dedication, expertise, and continuity to make it happen. 

Let’s look at the necessary steps, one by one:

1. Listen & understand: Gain vital audience insights

Start by listening to the conversations your customers and social media followers are already having. 

Also actively encourage them to share their thoughts and feedback. Your goal is to get a complete picture of who you’ll actually be targeting. Their background, their circumstances, lifestyle, tastes, problems and desires. 

Only then can you come up with a strategic plan to create an online community perfectly matched with that target audience. 

2. Be strategic

If you want to make your social media community a success, it is worthwhile if you’re strategic about it. Your effort needs to be applied to the right actions. You need a plan and guideposts on your way to creating a tribe around your brand. 

Before you start, be mindful about several things that are crucial to the success of your community building efforts:

  • Choose the right channels to build your community with
  • Determine (and lay out) the types of content that make sense for you to share
  • Set a posting frequency that keeps your audience neither bored nor overwhelmed, but perfectly engaged
  • Be sure about the tone of voice you’ll be using when you address your community
  • Create a complete content framework, planning out your themes and topics

Once you’ve created this strategy, you’ll be much better prepared to successfully build and manage your online community – in a focused way that’ll pay off for you. 

Not just in the short run, but sustainably, for years to come.

3. Mind your branding & channel their passion

To really make an impact, your community needs to feel like a natural extension of your brand. 

To achieve this, also apply your company branding to your social media activities. Your branding is how you stand out in the marketplace – and it will make your community members proudly stand out, too. 

This comes down to how your content looks and sounds, but also how you refer to your followers and what they call each other. Ideally, your community members will share unique ways of expression, ways to view the world, and a special code of conduct. 

A passion around your brand’s distinguishing features will be created, and people will be proud to be part of your in-group. 

4. Rally around a social mission

It’s even better if your community’s passion can at the same time be used to rally behind a worthy or noble cause. They’ll feel a sense of purpose behind engaging with what you do – and they’ll stick together as a group even more. 

Being “part of your brand” is now about more than great products and services, more even than connecting with like-minded people. It’s about enjoying all those, while making the world a better place at the same time. 

Build a social media community right and you’ll be able to create something you, your members, and the world at large can feel good about.

Looking for creative inspiration

5. Be real, approachable & create connections

In all your work to build up your community, never forget the key ingredient: Keeping it real. 

It starts with:

  • You choose to sound like one friend talking to another – instead of a company talking at its followers 
  • You regularly ask your community for feedback
  • You actually act on their feedback: share your learnings and what you did to improve
  • You foster two-way communication between you and your followers by hosting giveaways and quizzes
  • You also have them suggest new content ideas, features, initiatives and events
  • You let your followers co-create with you – by encouraging user-generated content on your social media or website
  • You turn your community members into brand ambassadors by giving them access to referral programs / discount codes
  • You help everyone develop new, positive relationships every day

By being approachable like this and focusing on keeping it real and creating connections, you’ll turn your online community into a special place that your followers will cherish. 

Another powerful way to create a connection with your fans is to involve influencers (who they already like and trust) to strengthen that relationship. Many of our clients have successfully used that approach to build engaged communities around their brand. 

6. Share stories

Make your community come to life: Share authentic stories with a good storytelling approach

People want to be part of something exciting. Everyone loves to see stories unfold. And in an age where some of the content shared on social media holds up false appearances or is altogether fake, stories told in a real, down-to-earth way are refreshing. Real stories create a real bond between you and your community.

Think about what kinds of stories can have maximum impact: It’s revealing behind-the-scenes insights into your brand, telling your team members’ stories, showing your real and vulnerable side.

But also highlighting stories right out of your community. You’re giving your loyal followers a platform to share about themselves and their journey. It all ties back to your brand – you created this opportunity for them. 

This is how you build a tight-knit online community that lasts.

7. Execute masterfully

You now know what a successful community should look like and what parts are important. You have your strategy to build it all mapped out. Now you need to put it all into action. 

How do you make sure you’ll actually create this tribe of engaged followers, without the process of building it fizzling out at some point?

  1. Ensure a continuous content production flow
  2. Post new content often and interact with your community every day
  3. Always look for new ways to engage and grow

That’s how you create a thriving social media community in a nutshell. 

You do need the drive and discipline to put in daily work to keep it going. This is why it might be a good idea to create the dedicated position of “community manager” in your business. 

Either way, if you keep executing on your community-building plan, you can expect your efforts to increase customer loyalty – and ultimately, your bottom line.

Do you want our help turning your community into a thriving, engaged environment – priming your followers to become loyal customers and brand advocates? Then take advantage of Kingfluencers’ community management services.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll go into the nitty-gritty of what you’ll do to always keep the engagement inside your community at the highest level, and further differentiating between Facebook, Instagram and TikTok community managements.

The Top 10 Instagram Agencies in Switzerland (2023)

Finding the best TikTok agency that’s based in Switzerland can be a challenge. 

So we’ve gone out and researched for you which Tik Tok agencies there are in Switzerland – and summarized them in the following directory of the top 10 Swiss agencies for Instagram content and advertising, sorted by city.

Of course, we’re also recommending our own Instagram agency, Kingfluencers!

The directory is not complete, you’re welcome to tell us about other agencies that belong on this list and we’ll be happy to add them.

The Top 10 Instagram Agencies in Switzerland

The 10 Best Instagram Agencies in Switzerland

Zurich, Basel and Bern are the three big Swiss cities offering Instagram agencies. While the amount of agencies you can choose from is overwhelming, the world of social media marketing is growing fast and new players are popping up all the time. 

So let’s dive into the 10 best Instagram and Instagram agencies Switzerland has to offer:

Instagram Agencies in Zurich


Kingfluencers is Switzerland’s pioneer of influencer marketing since 2016. Our team provides you with a full service including every aspect of influencer marketing on Instagram. Our agency follows highly efficient  and rock-solid processes with proprietary and AI powered in-house technology in order to generate the best outcomes on Instagram for your brand from day one of our collaboration. From strategy to implementation and ongoing community management to reporting and optimization, we bring your message to life and generate more brand love. With our network of more than 3,000 creators and our multiskilled diverse team of experts, strategists and creative minds, we deliver exactly the services and support that you need, when and where you need it, so your brand presence will hit the mark. Creativity and quality are our drivers, going the extra mile to perform is our constant state of mind… because we love doing what we do!

To get the real full-service omnichannel approach, our influencer marketing content can be recycled and broadcast as a TV commercial thanks to our new service “Influencer TV Spot”. With our partnership with Admeira, all brands get the opportunity to benefit from the power of TV with the unmatched appeal of influencer marketing at an accessible cost for more reach.

Kingfluencers is based at Hohlstrasse 188, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland.


As a Swiss Instagram agency, ramble designs tailor-made content strategies for your company, plans and produces all content for your social channels – if you wish, they can also take over the entire community management. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The Facebook subsidiary has seen enormous growth, especially in recent years. The perfect channel to position your advertising message in a young and dynamic environment.

ramble’s Instagram agency is based at Räffelstrasse 26, 8045 Zurich, Switzerland.


Suchhelden has the resources and know-how to fill your Instagram account with high quality posts and increase your reach. As an Instagram agency, they focus on stimulating the growth of your Instagram account. While you can continue to focus on doing what you do best. Suchhelden takes care of posts in the form of photography and videography that fit your company. In their role as one of the known Instagram marketing agencies from Switzerland, they’ll help to make your message understandable and suitable for Instagram. 

Suchhelden’s agency is based at Hagenholzstrasse 83b, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland.

Instagram Agencies in Basel, Switzerland


An appearance on Instagram is not aimed at generating likes – at least it shouldn’t. Swiss-based agency Mindstudios works with you to develop a strategy that is fully aligned with the goals of your company. While private Instagram use is often characterized by spontaneity, they recommend comprehensive editorial planning for professional use, which guarantees the necessary consistency of content publishing. They’ll support you in this or take over the task completely in consultation with you. Mindstudios agency’s Instagram experts create all kinds of content, always tailored to your target groups and your goals.

Mindstudios is based at St. Alban-Tal 43, 4052 Basel, Switzerland.


The Instagram agency onlineKarma implements campaigns for companies from large to small, supports channels from A-Z and provides support for the complete Instagram marketing.

Achieve your goals with profitable Instagram campaigns and effective influencer marketing. From strategy, planning and implementation, they look after brands and provide support for complete Instagram marketing. onlineKarma is one of the leading Instagram agencies in Switzerland. They would be happy to support you professionally for effective and successful campaigns.

OnlineKarma’s agency is based at Hebelstrasse 52, 4056 Basel, Switzerland.


Sidekicks’ agency helps you to determine the target group and to record the targeting. They set up your TikTok campaign and constantly optimize it for optimal performance. They also report on the results of the campaigns in monthly reports, based on your needs. For the Swiss agency, it is important that results and figures are understandable and that every customer has a contact person for all concerns regarding their TikTok campaign. Sidekicks help to define the goals and target groups. A campaign can only be successful if there is clarity about this.

Sidekicks TikTok agency is based at Steinentorstrasse 19, 4051 Basel, Switzerland.

Instagram Agencies in Bern

Social Media Agentur Bern

Social Media Agentur Bern takes over your complete Instagram appearance with unusual ideas. 

Social Media Agentur Bern takes care of everything from planning to implementation to posting and maintaining the account. So you don’t have to worry about anything. With a professional social media appearance, your company will be seen as modern and innovative.

The Swiss Instagram agency helps you build up organic reach through professional content and thereby generates new customers.

Social Media Agentur Bern is based at Unterdorfstrasse 5, 3072 Ostermundigen, Switzerland.


As part of an Instagram campaign, Creasquare’s agency quickly gets you new contacts with potential for conversion. With Instagram, they’ll target your target group very precisely and address them personally. Creasquare agency differentiate into two areas, your Owned Media and Paid Media. With organic owned media you can serve particularly well existing contacts and customers and remain present sustainably. With paid advertising, on the other hand, you gain reach, traffic or interesting contacts.

Creasquare is based at Morillonstrasse 11, 3007 Bern, Switzerland.


Instagram Ads enables you to reach a specific target group and to interact specifically with the largest user group, between 18-34. Swiss Instagram agency Iqual would be happy to advise you and help you achieve your goals with Instagram advertising. In order to ensure the sustainable operation of the Instagram advertising account set up by them via Facebook, clean and targeted support and optimization is mandatory. Iqual can also take over and maintain accounts that they have not set up themselves. However, they know from experience that one revision or even new addition is in many cases worth it.

Iqual’s Instagram Ads agency is based at Morgenstrasse 131B, 3018 Bern, Switzerland.

Found the right Swiss Instagram agency for you?

We hope this list helped you to choose the best agency for yourself!

Our clients’ success with Instagram marketing has shown that if you choose the right agency to partner with, it’s an amazing way to grow your brand and recruit new customers.

To see what’s possible with the right strategy on Instagram, check out our success stories

The Top 50 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Switzerland

Switzerland has a number of agencies who can help you grow your brand by taking over your social media marketing

In this article we’d like to give you an overview of the Swiss landscape for social media marketing. 

We’ve listed the agencies by the major cities in Switzerland.

3 important criteria for choosing a good social media marketing agency

Here’s a checklist you can use to pick the best agency to work with:

  1. Experience. When choosing a social media marketing agency, make sure they have enough experience working with clients. Ask for their client portfolio to see past projects they’ve completed. It’s easy to simply call yourself an agency and go into business – actually getting results in the real world is something different.
  2. Services offered. Check if the agency is providing the exact services you’ll need. Often you’ll have a specific kind of social media campaign in mind to grow your brand. You want them to be able to achieve your goal.
  3. Price. While it’s generally not a good idea to just look at the price and go for the cheapest option, you still might want to shop around before deciding on a social media marketing agency to work with. It’s important to only pay for services that’ll actually benefit you. If you can have the agency tailor the campaign to work only on what’s essential, you might be able to stay within budget more easily while reaping all the rewards.

The best social media marketing agencies in Zurich

Zurich has by far the most social media marketing agencies of any city in Switzerland – which makes sense with it being a hub for business in the region. You’ll find everything from small start-ups to big agencies that have been around for decades.

Following are the best social media marketing agencies in Zurich, Switzerland:

Basel’s top social media marketing agencies

If you’re looking for an agency in Basel to help you with your social media marketing efforts, there’s multiple to choose from. 

Some of these have been in business for over 10 or even 20 years. While certain agencies focus on social media marketing, many are full-service agencies providing help with all sorts of digital marketing tasks. 

Here are the best social media marketing agencies in Basel:

The top social media marketing agencies in Bern

Bern boasts a number of high-quality social media marketing agencies as well. 

Some of these, like ads&figures, are known for services such as Google Ads – but they’re equally talented in social media marketing. As another Swiss city with great marketing expertise, you’ll surely find an agency who can create a campaign to your exact needs. 

The most well-known ones are:

St. Gallen’s premier social media marketing agencies

Getting into some of the smaller cities in Switzerland, the marketplace for marketing services will become a bit smaller as well. Yet, there’s still a number of agencies in St. Gallen that are worth your business. 

The best social media marketing agencies we’ve found in the city of St. Gallen are the following:

Best social media marketing agencies in Winterthur

In Winterthur you’ll find a small number of Swiss agencies specializing in social media marketing. Some of these are well-established and have been around for a long time. 

As always, it pays to shop around and compare different agencies with regards to expertise, services and pricing. 

Here are the top social media marketing agencies in Winterthur:

The top social media marketing agencies in Romandie – Genf, Lausanne, Fribourg

If you’re looking for social media marketing services in the Romandie region, you’ll be able to find several agencies who can provide those for you. 

If you don’t like what you see in one city, you might have to check out the next. But overall there’s still a wealth of options, so in the end you should be able to find the one who can carry out your social media campaign to your satisfaction.

The best social media agencies in the Romandie region of Switzerland (Genf, Lausanne and Fribourg) are:

Wrapping up

There’s at least 50 social media marketing agencies in Switzerland worth mentioning, and among them you’re sure to find the perfect one for your own campaigns. 

As was to be expected, Zurich has the most choice when it comes to social media agencies. It’s also where Kingfluencers is based. 

So if you’re in Zurich and looking for a reputable agency to help you with your social media marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us at Kingfluencers. With our large portfolio of successful client work, we have the experience and skills to multiply your results on social media. 

Make sure to check out our social media services.

Movie tips about Ukraine (and Russia)

Last week our first KF Movie Night in cooperation with Pathé Spreitenbach took place. 

The movie The Batman, which was shown, revolves around good and evil and the blurred line in between, just like in reality. In view of current world events and the processing of this in the medium of film, we have put together a guide for films on the subject of Ukraine and Russia. 

In this sense we hope for more “Batmans” & *Catwomen” and less “Riddlers” in this world. 

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom (2015)

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom is a 2015 documentary film about the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine from 21 November 2013 to 23 February 2014.

In just 93 days, what started as peaceful student demonstrations became a violent revolution. Netflix original documentary Winter on Fire brings you the story of Ukraine’s fight for freedom from the frontlines of the 2014 uprising.

Invisible Battalion (2017)

Invisible Battalion consists of six stories of servicewomen told by three Ukrainian film directors. The film protagonists are different by their life experience, age, military, and civil professions, but all of them were united by the war. Their stories create a panoramic picture of the woman’s status in the Armed Forces in Ukraine.


Lyuba works at a pastry shop. Her son is in the war zone and out of communication. The mother goes in search of her son in a territory unknown to her. A heartbreaking short film depicting the love of a mother for her son.


This documentary tells the story of a woman who returns from war. Talking to psychologists, battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to normal life. The documentary shows her path from the beginning of her rehabilitation till her going back to work.


To cope with the daily trauma of living in a war zone, Anna and her children make a film together about their life among surreal surroundings. This documentary shows the contrast of both  explosive trauma and the mundane peripheral existence in everyday life in war.

Leto (2019)

​​Leto (translated from Russain: Summer) is a Russian musical film that depicts the underground rock scene of the early 1980s in repressive Leningrad. Mike and his girlfriend Natascha get to know the charismatic musician Viktor Tsoi. United in their untamed passion for music they get caught up in a love triangle.

Train Kyiv-War (2020)

A train journey from Kyiv to Kostiantynivka, a small industrial city near the war zone, is only 12 hours long. People with different political views, beliefs, and social backgrounds are traveling to and from the war every day. And, of course, some conversations between passengers during that ride tend to get heated.

We are looking forward to your impressions and further movie suggestions. 

And of course to the next KF Movie Night!

Author: Juliette Riess, Kingfluencers TikTok & GenZ Manager